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Trekking in Cordoba: the perfect place to start

The province has beautiful landscapes, good weather and guides. All these advantages are a plus when starting trekking.


Outdoor activities are increasingly needed. The rhythm of life demands contact with nature.  Hikes  and  trekking  in the mountains are the proposal.

“ Cordoba  is a  multifaceted province , because it has small mountain ranges, large mountain ranges, and we have the highlands of Pocho, very unknown, with a much more, closer to the Riojan landscape. We also have the Sierras del Norte, with landscapes closer to the Colorado Hill. There are different landscapes and all within reach,” says Matías  Vivanco , from the program   Today I do not sleep at home  .

 Given these advantages, you could tell us about the different places to practice. What are the most massive sites and which secrets? 

There are some places that have become very massive and others that have remained in the darkness. Among the massive ones, the Champaqui is the highest point, which is why it is the biggest sporting challenge, is the  roof of Cordoba . Another massive point is the Uritorco hill. Behind the Uritorco is the giant massif. And the Quebrada del Condorito. Among the secret places, I would make special mention of the whole west and north of Cordoba, mainly the volcanoes of Pocho. It is a completely rugged  landscape  , with  few tourist services , extremely preserved on a natural level, completely different from what you are accustomed to. The flora is very different, the caranday palm reigns, which is a native palm. Another very interesting place is the Chancani nature reserve, which lies a little beyond the volcanoes. And the Great Salt Flats, northwest. It is an extremely rugged place, not for anyone, very risky. However, in recent years tourism has grown, as there are many guides who have become professionalized and have started hiking.

 What difficulties does sport offer? What are the risks? 

Like any sport, it depends on the level of challenge you set yourself. Similarly, the Cordoban scenario (mainly the  Chicas and Grandes Mountains ) has many risks. That's why we commonly hear about  misplaced people , for example. The sudden changes in temperature, the low clouds that generate fog, the lack of marked  trails  , are many of the risks that make this activity to be taken seriously. A suggestion to do this is to hire qualified  trekking guides  to provide security to the activity we carry out.

 Who can do it?  

Anyone, because, as we mentioned before, there are countless paths and challenges. One key thing is to enjoy good health. You have to have a certain sensitivity to the natural. For three days we have taken 62 year old people who are on our par.

 What equipment do you need for a walk?  

For initiation walks, the basics: sportswear, good footwear, the most recommended is a trekking boot. Healthy food, fruits, cereal bars, cheeses, because they last over time. And the other more technical equipment is the trekking poles, which give more balance and relieve the effort that the legs make, prevent one from twisting.

 What is the pleasure of trekking? 

One of the greatest pleasures is to go back to the natural, lose the cell phone signal, listen to the birds sing, etc. At the same time, in the mountains, people behave as they are.  Get the best or the worst out of you . Because you share many hours with people who may or may not be known. People generate very deep relationships in a very short time. You share and open up.

The heat starts and is the optimal time to start walking. Places abound, guides too. It's just a matter of attitude and getting into the adventure.


Publication Date: 19/10/2019

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