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Torre Angela: we in Cordoba touch the sky

We tell you the story of Torre Ángela, the touch that was for a long time the highest construction in Cordoba. Today, he is an icon of the city.


 The Angela Tower  is an icon of the city. With  110 meters high,  this building was the one that led us to the people of Cordoba  to touch the sky  . Therefore, it was always a point visited by the  tours to get to know the city . And it is an  architectural work  that forms part of  the history of Cordoba. 

Located in the heart of the city, it can be seen  from different points of the city.  The Angela Tower is located on 27 April to 370 street. From there, it stands as an unattainable monument, which can be seen from anywhere in Cordova. From San Martín Square, Costanera or Paseo de la Intendencia you can see this building.  For 25 years , Angela Tower was the highest tower in the city. Which placed her on the podium of historical buildings. And he turned her into a  Cordoban icon. 

That's why thousands of artists dedicated paintings, songs and ballads to the Angela Tower, which is part  of the heart of the province . In addition, this tower was the protagonist of several interventions.

This masterpiece was started in '80. And by  1983 finished and inaugurated.  It was built by the architect Rafael A. Mansilla and associates. By the time,  the construction of this building was new . The materials used, such as metal formwork, for example, were innovative in Cordoba architecture. At the time, it had  a helipad on the terrace . But over time, this heliport lost activity and was supplanted by antennas. It is currently owned by a company of shareholders. The work has  30 floors and 120 apartments.  Some of the floors are used as commercial offices dedicated to different areas, and others as private homes.

 Second on the podium 

Throughout history thousands of buildings were built in the city. None of them managed to exceed the height of  the great Angela Tower . However, it was in 2007 that the construction of   the Capital Tower began .  A project that challenged the history of Cordoba architecture. This tower has  128 meters and 37 floors,  so it became the tallest building in Cordoba. Leaving the iconic Angela Tower in second place. But Angela, she is still  part of our history  and recognized as the highest for a long time.

Publication Date: 20/09/2020

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