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Top 6 of Cordoba rivers to go and return in the day

From Cordoba capital, there are many alternatives that allow you to make a getaway to return fresh home. There are
Top 6 de ríos cordobeses para ir y volver en el día
21 December, 2019

Cordoba is full of rivers and beautiful landscapes to enjoy. The point is that the Cordoba people sometimes don’t make the time to visit them. Between work and routine, it’s hard to get a break. For visitors who stay in the city and do not want to miss the magic of Cordoba, thistop 6 of escapaditas:

1. A village in the sky

In the Paravachasca region, you can enjoy the river Anisacate, whose name means “people of heaven”. Be is only 43 kilometers from Córdoba, next to Alta Gracia. Accessed by provincial route 5, or through the route that goes to Falda del Carmen. This river visits very beautiful towns such as La Bolsa, La Serranita, Los Aromos and the Rancherita, as well as Villa Anisacate.

2. The first

The Suquía River or Primero crosses the city of Córdoba. He begins his course at the San Roque dam and crosses some small saws. Throughout its tour offers several options to cool off such as Casa Bamba or the same city of La Calera. A 20-minute drive away, La Calera offers different alternatives. The Suquía River, such as the Diquecito, the Mal Paso dam or Dumesnil area are some options.

3. With own song

The Cosquín River runs through several cities until it gets lost at the San Roque dam. It starts at the confluence of the rivers Yuspe and San Francisco, very close to Cosquín. During its tour it gives rise to several beaches for bathing. Hernán Figueroa Reyes, in Zamba of the singer in love, dedicates a few verses to him: “The old river Cosquín was still witness to a disappointment…”. There is no folk festival in the summers Cordobeses where that song doesn’t sound.

4. More than a challenge


Pinto River can be visited in La Cumbre, 82 kilometers from Córdoba by route 38. For many this river is one of the prettiest in the province. It is also possible to tour the village and the Cañada del Río Pinto. The watercourse owes its name to the surname of a family established in the region 250 years ago. Nowadays it has become famous because the mountain bike race “Challenge to the Valley of the River Pinto” takes place in thearea.

5. Distinguished by the Quechua

The San Antonio River originates from the Sierras Grandes de Córdoba and finishes his course at the San Roque dam. It’s very near the Capital: just over 50 minutes by taking Route 20 (motorway to Carlos Paz). This watercourse bathes several localities since its birth: Cuesta Blanca, Tala Huasi, Icho Cruz, Mayu Sumaj and San Antonio de Arredondo. All these destinations have a charm and have interesting spas. Mayu Sumaj, a paradise for the youngest, comes from Quechua and It means “cute river.” If this destination receives with noise teenagers and young people, Cuesta Blanca and Tala Huasi are characterized by being more familiar spaces.

6. The Most Fighthier

For its 307 kilometers of extension, one can bathe in the river Ctalamochita or Tercero in many cities of Córdoba. Villa Maria, Bell Ville or Leones are some of them. However, its splendour is in the Calamuchita Valley, where it is born in the vicinity of Cerro Champaquí. Its flow rate is used to generate electricity and forms the Reservoirs Río Tercero and Piedras Moras. One of the most important rivers in the province.

SOURCE: I’m Going Travel

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