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Top 5 of Cordoba postas

In this note we tell you all about 5 Cordoba postas that invite you to spend unique days between nature, tranquility and delight.

 Cordoba is home to many places ideal to disconnect from the maelstrom of the city . That's why many choose the key place and destination for vacationing.  In this note we tell you  what are the  5 key postas  in the province of fernet and the birra. Places that are located in the vicinity of the capital, but also in  the tranquility of the mountains.  

The peach, sweet spring

Distinguished by  its crystal clear and cold river,  El Durazno offers beaches and  deep pots for swimming,  restaurants and a picturesque tea house amidst a landscape to behold. Eight kilometers south of Villa Yacanto de Calamuchita, after descending a small slope you reach El Durazno. It is a small place located on the banks of the river of the same name, with pure water from the slope.   This little corner is well hidden and guarantees tranquility,  freshness and peace in  a very special environment . To stay it has several options for campsites and inns, and in addition, it is consolidated as a  strategic point to discover great nearby destinations  of beauty just as imposing as the Peach himself.

Los Gigantes, ancestral beauty

Los Gigantes belong to the northern end of the Sierras Grandes.  The geological formation  dates back  300 to 350 million years ago, and  the massif is attractive by the large granitic stones that generate silhouettes of countless shapes. A labyrinth, which can disorient even the most adventurous if he does not walk  with much attention.  It is also one of the most important rock climbing centers in the country and its walls have about  400 routes equipped with sports climbing.  This is the most striking geological formations of the  Cordovan natural scenario . History is breathed in these lands, as they are ineffable millennial formations.

Miami, beach

 It's not in the United States, it's a Cordovan spa . Located in Santa Monica, 10 kilometres from the center of the town of Santa Rosa de Calamuchita, this beach is known  for its numerous points to enjoy nature  and the river. This spa is ideal for sunbathing, because it has little shade, immense rocks to lie down,  clear waters and deep pots.   Miami is a new way to live the mountain experience.

San Clemente, not Tuyú

Between country streets, abundant vegetation and several watercourses,  San Clemente is the refuge of peace and tranquility that everyone is looking for in the Paravachasca Valley.  Framed by the waters of the streams Las Granadillas and Las Tazanas, and the Suela, San José and San Pedro rivers, San Clemente is the Cordovan passage to relax and relax. In these watercourses,  the key is to cool off in summer  or enjoy on their shores in colder times. It is located 25 km from Provincial Route 5, and 72 km from the City of Cordoba, by National Route 20. In the commune you can find  remains of pre-Hispanic cultures of the Comechingones or Sanavirones.  

Old Estancia

Estancia Vieja is an ideal destination to enjoy nature and get lost between mountain roads and hidden trails. You can define this place ideal to  relax, breathe the clean air  of the mountains and with a short ride. Among its main tourist attractions are: the imposing mountain landscape from where you can see  to the mountain range of the  Altas Cumbas in its entirety and the monument to Indio Bamba. Near Los Gigantes, this point becomes a  strategic stop to discover multiple sensational spaces  of the mountains of Cordoba.

And you... Which one do you choose?



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