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Three must-see corners

There are many must-see spots in Cordoba. In this note we tell you all the secrets of three places that hide unique corners.

tres rincones imperdibles

Making a selection of the most beautiful posts in Cordoba is not an easy task. Since the Sierras  of this province  are  composed of wonders throughout their length.  However,  if you come to visit  the land of fernet and birra for a short time, it is better to make a ranking. As we know that it is difficult to organize the getaways,  we put together the ranking for you.  And you decide what you're going to visit. In this case we decided to write about three must-see corners.

 1. The Hole in Traslasierra 

The number one place of the must-see corners is taken by this post. It is a  native and dense forest  that conquers us with its exceptional beauty. Spotting it from “El Champa” is a  wonderful spectacle . It is located in Quebrada Los Molles and is the birthplace of the oldest tobacco in the province. Some reach 15 meters and hit us in the middle of a  beautiful landscape.  El Hueco is one of the high difficulty trails through which you can reach  Cerro Champaquí.  The presence of tobacco makes it special and makes us vibrate high. This native tree is a  species of height,  growing only  from 1800 meters above sea level  . It is a daring tree that belongs up there, where few cheer up. In Cordoba, it is located only in the  Sierras Grandes.  

The forest of slow and millennial trees is located in the  El Hueco Nature Reserve.  But this is not the only attraction. Within the property are located  streams, waterfalls and incredible landscapes  that house native flora and fauna.

 2. The drawers of the Yuspe River 

The Yuspe River already has its reputation for its beauty and characteristics that make it one of the  most beautiful rivers in the province . However, the stretch that constitutes  Los Cajones  is a marvel apart. These are stretches where the river is channeled through waterfalls  that cause the landscape to change abruptly.  In addition, this beautiful watercourse has underground parts, where the wonder  is located underground.  These are caves where the river likes to play hide and seek. We go crazy to see this show.

This river also has pans covered by stones. That is, you go where tourists and travelers can dive  and enjoy the water in summer. However, in winter don't even think to wet a foot, because water temperatures drop noticeably. Yuspe is one of the must-see corners because it houses a diversity that makes it unique.  Fine white sand , but also giant stones. Combinations of coarse sand and green grass spaces with native plants. You don't need anything else.

 3. Cerro Negro 

This is a town located  in the middle of the Sierra Chicas Cordovan.  It is the ideal viewpoint to appreciate the beauties of the Traslasierra and Calamuchita Valley. It is a very small town with few services and accessible  only by car.  However, in its vicinity is  Villa Albertina, a neighboring town that provides all the necessary services to its visitors.

Cerro Negro is a  central point of Cordoba tourism.  The history of this place takes us on a journey into the past and  connects us with nature . Cerro Negro is almost  the panoptic of the Sierras,  through which you can admire the most beautiful panoramas of the Valleys. And breathe  mountain air with Cordoban tone  in a context of harmony.

The triad that we present includes three must-see corners that are located in  different parts of the province.  However, they deserve special trips to get to know them. You will not regret organizing tours around these  natural wonders.  Shall we go?

Publication Date: 24/08/2020

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