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The Seven Wonders of Cordoba

The province of Córdoba has wonderful landscapes. We tell you what are the seven natural wonders of Córdoba.


The province of  Córdoba , located in the center of the country, has wonderful landscapes. That is why, in 2008,  La Voz del Interior  in conjunction with the Cordoba Tourism Agency decided to make a  ranking  of the most beautiful landscapes. These wonders were organized into two categories:  natural wonders  and artificial wonders. We tell you here what are the seven wonders of Cordoba

1)  Laguna Mar Chiquita and bathed in the Rio Dulce 

Located in the town of Miramar, you will find the Mar Chiquita lagoon. It is an “inland sea”, as some call it, located in the northwest of the Cordovan province. This place surprises us with flamingos, salt water and a variety of native flora and fauna very particular. Most of the landscape is considered a natural reserve of the Cordovan province. That is why it is a very touristic place that offers guides, lodgings and various activities.

2)  Cerro Champaqui 

It is the largest peak in the province, belongs to the Sierras Chicas. Its height is 2790 m and, if you climb it, you will find the most incredible panoramic view of the province. Of course, it is better that you do it accompanied by someone who knows the way, with water reserves and only if you already have a court doing  trekking .

3)  Quebrada del Condorito 

This Cordovan National Park gained its fame for being the natural habitat of the Andean condor. It is located in the cordon de las Sierras Grandes, 85 km west of the city of Córdoba. Getting to this park and spotting how these condors unfold their wings is really a wonder of nature.

4)  Colorado Hill 

It is a natural and cultural reserve, as well as being a very important pictographic site. History is breathed in this territory; this space is known for having been the land of  Atahualpa Yupanqui . When visiting Cerro Colorado, we visit our ancestors, as it houses pictography of the original Sanavirones and Comechingones Cordobeses.

5)  The Ongamira Caves 

The Ongamira Caves represent the origin of Cordovan culture. These caves were the home of our ancestors the  comechingones . These are natural formations that, in addition to showing us a bit of our history, offer us an unmissable landscape.

6)  Cerro Uritorco 

 Cerro Uritorco  is known for its mysticism and magic. They tell the bad languages of Cordoba (who like “ chamuyar ” a lot) that the hill once housed  aliens . Hence its fame, its number of annual visitors and its well-known trekkings.

7)  Cave of the birds 

The last of the seven wonders is this cave that offers us a recital of natural music. The main soundtrack is the piar de los  chirrios , black native birds with white collar.

Publication Date: 24/10/2019

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