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The route of the waterfalls

A vast land that invites us to visit it: the route of the waterfalls is one of the main attractions of the province of Cordoba.

 ruta de las cascadas

Cordoba is famous for its  mountains, valleys, rivers and mountains.   The wonderful thing about the  Cordobesa landscapes  is that they combine all the elements of nature in a unique way. In this case we will talk about a route that shows us the different varieties of landscapes, starting from waterfalls. The natural beauties of  Rio Ceballos  are so many. This city is just 32 km from the  city of Cordoba.  

Most of the waterfalls on this route are located in a Park that is responsible for preserving all elements.   It is the Water Reserve Parque La Quebrada,  a property with an extension of  4200 hectares  around the same name dam. Based on  environmental laws and security policies , in this space the priority is to take care of  native vegetation and fauna.  

Along the entire territory of the Natural Reserve,   thousands of exotic species  inhabit whose natural habitat are these forests and slopes.  These animals are typical of the landscape that makes up La Quebrada. They are  bugs with cordobese tonada:  the wild cat, peccary, barzuelas and vizcachas are just some of the varieties that can surprise us on a tour of the Park and its vicinity. The jote and the eagles also fly over the skies of this area, giving us unforgettable scenes. The native forest is inhabited by leafy molles, mountain shrubs, grasslands and carob trees. Also country apple trees that make the place a  unique postcard.   Therefore, the almost mandatory activities on this tour are photography and bird watching.

 The route of the waterfalls 

These watercourses are located within the La Quebrada Natural Reserve, like many other amazing areas in the mountains. They have  regulated entry and visit times.  


 1. Los Hornillos de Rio Ceballos Waterfall 

This waterfall deserves a separate note, an ode, a poem. She is the  protagonist of Rio Ceballos  and the tourist caller that works most in the Sierra Cordobesas. It has a unique beauty and is only a few minutes from the city, making it  easy to reach  and makes it a  weekend getaway  for locals.


 2. Los Condores Waterfall in Rio Ceballos 

It's one of the  wonders of the province . Of all watercourses, this is the most famous. It is  hidden in the middle of an impressive valley  and features a kind of  shallow pot  that you can immerse yourself in. Just like  “Los Chorrillos ” can become an  “express getaway” , as it is located just 32 km from the Cordovan city. However, the journey that has to  Los Cóndores  as a destination,  involves 5 hours of walking.  There are 5 hours in which adventurers are surrounded by  imposing native vegetation.   Both the road and the destination are unique, and of  medium difficulty  . Obviously it is recommended to start the return of the day to avoid  bad drinks . Nearby is a trout hatchery, which can also be visited.


 3. Los Guindos 

This is a  natural leap of 3 meters  that culminates with the route of the stream  “Los Pantanillos”.  This jump culminates in a pot formed at its base, which invites us to  dips and enjoy. It is a  natural beauty  that, among native vegetation and native fauna, falls in love with visitors. In addition, for its accessibility  it can be visited in large groups  and with the family. From the entrance to the Park, the tour to reach this beauty takes approximately 20 minutes.   Skirting the Quebrada Dam  and taking the road to Villa Colanchanga. On this trail you have to travel a kilometer and a half until you reach  the Los Guindos Hostel  and take a pedestrian path to access the waterfall. Arriving at destination, you will be surprised by a beautiful and quiet waterfall.


 4. Quebrada de Tello 

It is a waterfall of two meters high, which is part of this route. The road to this Quebrada, takes approximately 45 minutes walking along a  pedestrian path.   It is not accessible by car, but this jet is located very close to the central square of Rio Ceballos. So it's very accessible.

 Data of interest 

By collective, it is possible to get from the capital with the bus company Ersa. By car, it is necessary to head directly on route E 53.

There are multiple accommodation options. From campsites and cottages to high-class hotels.

In the area there are grills and rotiserías, there are tapas bars with very good proposals for regional wines and beers, and places specializing in various kinds of pastas. On the other hand, in the vicinity of the dam there are some mountain paradores with sandwiches and chopped.

Publication Date: 24/07/2020

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