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The peaceful destination you will love: Villa de Las Rosas

This destination at the foot of the Champaquí has the aroma of roses, rivers, slopes, an incredible artisans fair and a relaxing mountain landscape.


Wild roses are a hallmark of the natural landscape of Villa de Las Rosas , just 171 km from Córdoba. A tourist destination with the scent of wild roses is not found everywhere. Villa de las Rosas has a microclimate that makes it the perfect place to take a break. Link with nature and connect with the rhythm of the Traslasierra Valley. This is a rhythm that restores the senses, saturated by the bustle of big cities.

Surrounded by Los Molles, Las Chacras and Los Hornillos streams, this town offers one of the best spas. This is the Guasmara, which has good vegetation and natural pools! In addition, it has all the services, detail that facilitates family outings . From this spa you can reach a viewpoint, a large cross from where you can take a panoramic view of the Traslasierra Valley.

For the public who wants to activate the body, this is the capital of hiking, ergo, there are the best routes to go on foot. Wear shoes and comfortable clothes, bring water to hydrate and delight in accessible trails. Some of them are: La Calandria, El Picahueso and Los Jilgueros. And, as it is so close to Cerro Champaquí, the highest peak in the province, Villa de Las Rosas is known as a portal.

A gateway to hiking

Climbing the Champaquí is one of the most frequent targets of visitors to this destination. This hill is one of the favorite natural scenery of adventure tourismlovers. It is ideal for trekking, 4×4 crossings, rock climbing and rappelling. One fact: if you're about to ascend, don't forget to sign up in the people registration box in Los Molles.

Before finishing, there is a fundamental plan in Villa de Las Rosas: its Handicrafts and Producers Fair in the main square of the village. It is around a cistern and has more than 400 stalls offering gastronomic proposals and handicrafts. All this sifted by the aroma of roses. It's an ideal plan for dusk. When you have climbed, you have hiked and returned to the accommodation. What follows is a refreshing shower and go in search of products from this fair that is unforgettable.

Saturday fair in Villa de Las Rosas

Villa de Las Rosas is reached, from Córdoba capital, by national route 20. From there you have to take the path of the High Summits. It's just 25 minutes from Mina Clavero. A super bonus track: before facing the return you can go to La Viña dam that is located north of the town. You will find a stunning artificial lake, a reservoir with a wall of more than 300 meters high.

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