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“The occupation will be good all season,” said the Secretary of Tourism of Villa Carlos Paz

The city of Cordoba expects an occupation of between 75% and 85%.


The Secretary of Tourism of Villa Carlos Paz, Sebastián Boldrini, was very optimistic about the summer that has just begun and considered that the “occupation will be good, between 75% and 85%, throughout the season”.
The holder of the portfolio stressed in dialogue with Télam that this number is very high since this city in the Punilla Valley is the largest number of hotel places in the whole province.
“ We will exceed the million tourists, as every year,” Boldrini confided, although he acknowledged that later “we will have to see the final statistics”, and stressed that it was “very good” the New Year's weekend, while the largest arrival of visitors is expected since Sunday 6 of this month, after the celebration of Kings.
As far as gastronomy is concerned, the secretary said it is likely that “consumption in higher quality restaurants will decrease, and the number of people who choose cheaper menus such as pizzas, loins or hamburgers will increase.”
In that sense, he said that “the movement in the country may be greater, but that Villa Carlos Paz won't feel it too much, because it has an audience that always returns”.
Among the alternatives that add to the recognized natural beauties and nocturnal movement of the city with boliches and plays, Boldrini highlighted the growth of “Ecotourism, adventure tourism, paragliding, mountain trekking, all closely linked to nature, as well as religious tourism”.
He also recognized that the different festivals held in other localities of the province “help Villa Carlos Paz, because they often use it as a 'sleeping city'”.
Among these festivals he mentioned Cosquín (Folklore and Rock), Dressage and Folklore of Jesús María, Peñas de Villa María, and the Festival of the Collectivities of Alta Gracia.
In addition, Villa Carlos Paz is a city of 100,000 inhabitants, who contribute to generating movement, and the proximity to Córdoba also gives it a great flow of visitors who come and return in the day: “From Friday afternoon you begin to notice the entrance and exit of the capital,” Boldrini said.
According to the latest official data, the mountain village that is located 36 kilometers west of the capital has 50,000 beds in hotels, plus another 15,000among hostels and cabins, although according to municipal sources it is added another 25% informal, so the total number of places reaches approximately 85,000.

Source: Télam

Publication Date: 09/01/2019

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