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The mother of all pizzas

In Córdoba you will find the mother of all pizzas. We tell you where to find the origin of this delicious tradition.

Pizza Madre Pizzería

If there's something you eat in Argentina, it's pizza. Italian tradition  that our  European ancestors bequeathed to us and we keep with the love of always.  If you walk through the streets of Córdoba, you will most likely cross  one, two, three pizzerias  per block. Because the wave of the pizza and the beer stays like nowhere else. That is why this offer is constantly renewed, and it is looking for new audiences, new forms, new methods.

This is the case with this pizzeria, the one that makes the mother of all the pizzas.  Why? because it is a place that works  only with sourdough.  Pizza Madre is a pizza bar that stands out for its originality. It proposes a  take away system,  inviting people passing by but also those who are intrigued to  try a new flavor.  This place is located Marcelo T. de Alvear 277,  full canada  . In the Cordovan heart that at night does not stop beating. That is why it already has an armed clientele, despite the quarantine and the decline in the schedule of night activities. Pizza Madre, offers you  sourdough pizzas in Neapolitan style, with different flavors and with American cooking.   It stands out for carrying out the choice of the best products from Cordoba and the country.   unique and unmatched recipe  . 

Recipe Laboratory

The facade of the premises calls you to  enter and experience  all the flavors. In addition, the intrigue of trying  this kind of dough  that became so fashionable: sourdough. The secret of this ingredient lies in  the dedication and time it takes to prepare a leavened mass in natural time.  The owners of Pizza Madre conducted  thousands of tests  before opening. The kitchen was transformed into an  experimental laboratory,  from which the mother of all the pizzas would come out. The one that would conquer our hearts. After several months, they achieved the expected product. This venture has a  clear re and has already taken the card  to the mass: it knows all its needs and its rhythms. With a base that carries natural yeast,  these pizzas become the mothers of all pizzas. 

Pizza Mother of the Pacha Mama

What makes every pizza in this place unique is that they are  light foods and with a very particular taste.  The taste of natural yeast combined with  the best products.  This procedure they carry out for the foundation of pizza, is highly acclaimed by people who find themselves walking a  path of discovery and awareness about food.  It is not only a method of preparing food, but also a  philosophy of life.  The ritual around food, patience in the kitchen, enjoying every bite. All this is very important at lunchtime and these master pizza makers know it. Therefore, they went to  local and regional producers  for the other stages of making the pizzas.

Pizza Madre workers ensure that the  main ingredients are organic and of the best quality.  The salsa is made from natural and organic tomatoes from the province of Mendoza. The mozzarella is fresh and of high quality. For additional ones, use extra virgin olive oil, award-winning sausages or herbs and vegetables from organic orchards.  Always pointing to the joy of the palate of others.  They also have unique touches, the beam up your sleeve, like pure bee honey from the province of Córdoba.  All the products come from mother earth, and they go to mother pizza. 

The masses of this  pizza paradise,  are achieved through natural cold fermentation of their own sourdough, which is already  more than 8 months old.  This procedure causes it to come out of the oven with a  crunchy floor and an edge, the cornicione, which is a pump. 

Publication Date: 03/10/2020

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