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The limit of beauty

We are going to talk about a town in Cordoba that has a border with San Luis, which combines the beauty of the two provinces in one place.


Achiras is the most beautiful town in the Sierras del Sur of Córdoba. This mountain range is characterized by waterfalls, native forests, rivers . It is made up of the towns of Alpa Corral, Las Albahacas and Villa El Chacay. However, the most famous is Achiras, which is located on the border with St. Louis . That's why they call her “la linda del sur cordovan”. It is located in the department of Río Cuarto, 277 km from the capital of Cordoba. And just 70 km from the city of Rio Cuarto.

Its streams, past and biodiversity make this space worth visiting. With four centuries of history, Achiras is a living land. When we find ourselves in this place, we breathe in episodes that are key to the history of Argentina .

In this area lived the Comechingones, who left a mark that would not be erased even over the years. Today, these events are remembered in his museum, where the identity of the place is reviewed and claimed. In addition to telling the historical and political reality of its corners. Achiras is located just 5 km from the Posta Los Nogales, where San Martín passed on his way to the conquest of Cuyo.

Tourism in all its forms

Achiras combines all the beauty of the Sierra del Sur in Cordoba, along with the mystique of the beautiful corners of San Luis. That's why, being on the edge of another beautiful province, it's a unique place. In summer, this little corner is the cool shelter to rest. The two streams of natural beauty, Los Coquitos and Achiras, are perfect for spending hot afternoons.

For lovers of hiking there are four circuits to know the special places in the area. One, called Camino Real runs through an old 19th century roadway, ending in the Posta Los Nogales, which is, as we said, a historical museum. The Way Historical tour of the geological formations of Las Leoneras, the Los Ranqueles will take you through the mountains and the old town. Finally, the called Los Comechingones comes to places where you can appreciate pictographs and mortars, as well as taking a panoramic tour of the Achiras dam.

Another attraction of the town is its beaches with fine sand and crystal clear water. Beach on which is located the Municipal Balneario, the star of the community . The Provincial Tourism Festival takes place in these lands. Since Achiras offers us all the forms of tourism with historical, natural, archaeological, urban, adventure and educational tourism experiences. Her beauty has no limit! Shall we go ?

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Publication Date: 30/05/2020

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