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The jewellery of Tanti, by a musical star

In this note we tell you everything about an imposing castle that belongs to one of the most renowned music stars. Come on!

 Germán Wilkins Vélez Ramírez was born in Mayagüez, on March 10, 1953 and is a Puerto Rican singer-songwriter.  His life stands out for his fruitful career  as a singer and as an author  of thousands of  hits.   He is known for international successes  such as  “Margarita”  (1987) and  “Soup de caracol”  published in 1991. Does it sound to you?

The story of the star

 “ Wilkins”  as he was called by his followers, has toured the  5 continents, performing in more than 30 countries with his concerts and films.Loading more than 45 record productions recorded in different parts of the world, in different languages and dialects.  A unique star who won everyone's hearts. It is known as  “El Divino Rockmántico   , nickname he acquired from a literary essay, produced by Ana Lydia Vega. In which he described the style that characterizes Wilkins; style he  has created with his movements , interpretive force and the theatrical aspect that distinguishes him, achieving  the divine romance between rock and ballad.