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The hidden paradise

This time we bring you the news of a place where only a few people arrive. Because it is a unique treasure of the mountains of Cordoba: a Pueblo Escondido.


It is an  earthly paradise  that requires the  journey of a road  in the middle of the Sierras. His name,  “Pueblo Escondido,” says it all. This place is  a hamlet  located south-west of the Calamuchita Valley.  At the foot of Cerro Áspero  is this hidden point that invites us to visit it.

This getaway is the favorite for  lovers of adventure tourism . Since it requires crossing a  winding and dangerous path . Visitors' favorite activity is to arrive on  trekking.  Others,  fans of adrenaline and extreme sports, prefer to do it by motorcycle or practicing mountain biking. This destination gives travelers the opportunity to  feel free,  as it proposes them to choose from thousands of options. From  how to get there,  to  where to sleep.  It's a destination for  adventurous spirits . A spectacle worthy to admire, but that takes your effort.

Located  at the foot of Cerro Áspero  in the Sierra de los Comechingones  “Pueblo Escondido”,  as they baptized it, hides  thousands of legends.   That is why it is  increasingly popular  among the tourist audience and the curious. This hamlet, now abandoned, constituted a  mining camp.  Around  500 inhabitants were accommodated there in times of greatest activity. All of them  worked exploiting the mines  around. The times of  greatest mining production , in which Cerro was the protagonist, were  between 1895 and 1969.  

This hamlet that today forms a tourist show was built by the companies dedicated to this activity to  facilitate daily work.   The success of this small community was to obtain tungsten or tungsten, a mineral used for  war purposes.  That is why the productive boom of this Escondido People took  place during the Second World War and the Post-War period.  

At the time the Rough was a point  of activity and work.   Today, it became a point of c onexion with nature and tranquility.  

 How do I get there if it's hidden?  

Stay quiet!  We provide you with the options to get to your destination  safe and sound. But  first thing first:  choose the means of transport. The crossing can be done by walking, mountain biking, horseback riding, enduro motorbike, ATV or 4x4 van. With other types of vehicles it becomes impossible as it is a  road of high difficulty,  with dirt and stones. All these options are advisable to do  them with a tour guide  to facilitate the journey. But if you prefer to have your own adventure, just ask in the nearby villages, as it is a path that  all locals know.  

The  “main”  access is located on  a bordering mountain road.  Since it  connects San Luis (Merlo) with Córdoba (La Cruz) . It is 25 km from Villa de Merlo, which allows an  express visit  to the province.

Another way to get to this special hamlet is  by crossing Cerro Áspero  along the road  “Los Caracoles”.   To make this tour you must take as origin the town of La Cruz and  cross the river los Sauces and the mines of San Virgilio.  

 Free Stone 

Once you get to the place,  two hanging bridges  welcome you. You can tour  some houses that are open  and take incredible views of a unique phenomenon.  The ruins of a mining town  on which history and activity can be breathed. The perfect combination between  nature and the vestiges of a civilization.  

To crown  the beautiful landscape  that Pueblo Escondido gives us, there is a river that on its banks allows us to  rest from the route.  This place is surrounded by  unmissable natural attractions.   And it also has a small restaurant that is designed to welcome visitors.

Do you dare to discover the town that hides in one of the most striking streams in Cordoba?

Publication Date: 05/09/2020

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