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The first in the country and is Cordovan

Capilla del Monte: first accommodation in the country with sky certified for astrotourism.

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The Puesto Pavón refuge, in the city of Capilla del Monte, became the first accommodation in Argentina with sky certified for astrotourism by the  International Starlight Foundation  under the Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias.

According to this entity, a global pioneer in creating the  “Declaration on the Defense of the Night Sky and the Right to Starlight” these certifications “accredit those spaces that have excellent quality of the sky and represent an example of conservation. These are scenarios that incorporate the observation of the firmament as part of its natural, cultural or scientific heritage and in turn promote star tourism.”  

After a series of efforts with the owners of the field and the  Secretary of Tourism of Capilla del Monte , a number of requirements established by the Starlight Foundation were achieved to obtain certification as “Starlight Mountain Refuge”.

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A distinctive qualification, which puts the town of Capilla del Monte at the forefront of the provincial high level in the field of  Astrotourism . What sets a national precedent in the country, to promote the care and preservation of the night sky.

 Puesto Pavón is a mountain refuge located on the east side of Cerro Uritorco; a privileged place that enjoys sufficient dark conditions to experience a starry sky. The shelter located inside the post is located at the foundation of the former mining housing of the Tungsten Mines of Cerro Minas. Perfect place to share with family and friends as well as relax before or after a day full of adventures.

The place has a magical energy like the nearby hill, which predisposes the traveler to travel the countless trails at more than 1,800 meters high or let themselves be on the banks of the streams, cold and crystal clear waters, depending on the time of year we recommend enjoying the river and its waterfalls of slope water. Within the property we can go hiking for 30 minutes to the north balcony where you can see Terrones, Ongamira and the north Cordovan.

Source: Cordoba Tourism Agency

Publication Date: 30/01/2021

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