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The drawers that are not made of wood

We tell you the story of Los Cajones that are made of a mysterious material and make up a unique landscape.

Vista de Los Cajones

In  the province of Cordoba,  as part of the Calamuchita Valley, is  El Durazno.  And the carozo of this fruit, they are  mysterious drawers.  It is the biggest attraction in the area, one of the  wonders of the Valley (of two valleys).  It is one of the cordoban nuggets, a phenomenon that crosses boundaries. Since it is also close to  Mina Clavero , a town in the  Traslasierra Valley.  That's why I tell you it's the shared wonder of these two valleys.

This  gift of nature  is at the junction of the  rivers the Clavero Mine and the Panaholma.  When they converge,  they form the Los Sauces River  . Right at the strategic point of joining the two localities. Right at the crossroads of the two streams of water.

The Cajones is the name they gave to this rock formation that forms an amazing landscape. It is about the combination of pots, and the casing of the rivers that cross these hills.  This natural landscape  gives the feeling of returning to the origin, to the creation of the world. Their stones speak, their water pots  take us deep. 

A cold bath and a hot bath

At the crossroads between the two rivers, you can bathe  with warm water, or cold water . Sounds  crazy , but no. I tell you why, the Panaholma river has mesothermal waters, (say bad tongues , they have  healing properties ). Therefore, they have a more or less warm temperature. However, the river Mina Clavero  is icy!  In Los Cajones, you choose the temperature.

Today it is established as  a rese   r   goes natural  , where you can take family walks. If you come bring mesh, as they will not miss the desire to dive into their piletons. There are pots  up to 7 meters deep.  So don't worry, you can pull yourself on your head. Nothing's going to happen. However, it  is always convenient to tour the place with someone who knows the area  and corners. Because there are dangerous areas or stones that only the inhabitants know. These areas are high risk for tourists or travelers who do not know, and can result  in accidents.  

This space has  campsites and cabins ,  welcomes travelers all year round.  And it has all the necessary services. Shall we go?

More data

 How to get there:  El Durazno is located about 138 kilometres from Córdoba Capital. By collective it is necessary to make a combination: take Lep buses to Santa Rosa de Calamuchita, and from there to El Durazno with buses Pájaro Blanco. By car, direct on RP 5.

 Where to stay:  You can find more than twenty cabins, a boutique hotel, an inn and several campsites.

 Gastronomy:  El Durazno features an inn and a resort offering exquisite mountain trout; there is a restobar with snacks, a pantry bar and a tea house with exquisite cakes and fine dough.

Publication Date: 02/10/2020

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