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The axis of Cruz del Eje: the olive tree

The tradition of the village of Cruz del Eje is olive production. Therefore, the Olivo Road is a key route to get to know Córdoba.


  Along and wide the Cordovan territory   , there are various productive activities. From livestock to beekeeping production. From lavender to quarries and caleras. The   natural resources   there are enough, and exploitation by the Cordobeses too. Many localities are supported by some particular activity. And they organize tourism around their productions. In the case of Cruz del Eje, olive production is the key.   50% of olive production   of the country is concentrated in this place.

For this reason, a road was organized in which the different factories are traveled. Whether they are artisanal or industrial. These offer their   guided tours every day   of the week, at different times. In addition to the visits, they show the processes by which olive oil is obtained. And a tasting that leaves you with your tummy full and happy heart.

Soliva, Álvarez, Roberto Álvarez, Oliveto, Olivi Hermanos and Verde Cosecha are some of the places you should go. Because in these postas the olive oils depicting Cruz del Eje are savored. Visits can be with guides or with the owners themselves, who take the time to explain to their customers how they get their products.

  The Feast of the Olive Tree  

This olive tradition has as a consequence of a   big party   . And yes... if there are Argentines, there is tradition. If there are Cordobeses, there's a party. So every year, Cruz del Eje celebrates the   National Olive Tree Festival   . This event is organized because this place is the   largest producer of olives and olive oil   . And we couldn't let it happen, we had to celebrate. In this holiday there are various producers. A fair with flavors of all kinds is organized. On stage, of course, unique music bands and shows are presented. The   grid of the year 2020   was covered by artists of all kinds. From national rock to folklore. From comedians to quarteterers. A whole party.

Publication Date: 13/06/2020

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