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The little corner of peace: La Paisanita

A little corner from Cordoba that takes you away from stress and brings you closer to an unmissable tranquility. The Paisanita is the fate that catches you with its peace.

El honguito mirador de La Paisanita

It is the  ideal refuge    if you are looking for rest because if you go to  La Paisanita  you will disconnect from the rhythm of the city. It is a place to return to the origin, and take a break from everything that afflicts us. If you want a space with  sun, mountain ranges, green and river,  this is your ideal destination.

In addition, it is  only 50 km from the Cordoba capital , which makes it also a  little express escape if you are in the city.  In the Paravachasca Valley, La Paisanita is a small village of 168 inhabitants that attracts the attention of all visitors. Between dirt roads, artisanal shops, mountain ranges and a river of optimal flows, we can enjoy a peaceful day at any time of year. The river that crosses this small town, is the  Anisacate,  which has its reputation for crossing several towns in the province. The quiet shores of its little sandy beaches, among the singing of birds allow to eliminate stress.

The symbol that distinguishes La Paisanita from any other place is  the honguito mirador.  An ancient building where you can climb and see the most beautiful landscapes. La Paisanita is the  perfect place  to spend a  relaxing day with your feet on the banks of the river.  But if you like  tourism at all pace  and adventure, it can also be your destination. There is a wide range of  mountain walks, horseback riding, bike rides, photo safaris and bird watching .

The historical paisanita

For a  historical sightseeing tour,  you can visit some postas. The Nuestra Señora del Luján Chapel, for example, is one of them. It was built in 1950 and can be seen from the top of the hills. It is rustic colonial style and mimicized with the rugged surroundings of this mountain corner and a few years ago it was completely restored inside.

The Evita colony and the Sarmiento school inaugurated by Eva Perón, are also  icons of the town. 

Paisanita is waiting for you with everything ready.  This place  also has a  wide gastronomic offer , to try Creole meals. Or if you're up to it, you can also make  a roast  on the riverside.  That's right: always in spaces where there are steakhouses, and make sure you put out the fire completely before you leave.  

More data

 How to get there:  Of the communes between Alta Gracia and Los Molinos Reservoir, La Paisanita is the only one not located on RP 5. To access it, it is necessary to head from the RP5 on the RP C45 and then take the Path of the Pioneers.

 Where to stay:  You can find the inn Complejo Mi Hogar, Hakuna Matata campsite and the holiday colony of the Railway Union, Colonia Evita.

 Gastronomy:  Among the must-have to taste are the empanadas, homemade minutes and cakes of the Casa de María. Another option is to try the Creole meals of Alma-Zen and, from the end of December to March, enjoy the parador next to the river and its steakhouse.

Publication Date: 10/10/2020

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