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The best waterfall, in Rio Ceballos

Rio Ceballos hides a magical paradise worth exploring. A tour of a unique natural landscape that leads to one of the most beautiful waterfalls.


This natural attraction is a real pearl, hidden in the heart of Rio Ceballos. In the tourist area of the Sierras Chicas and within the Natural Reserve Parque La Quebrada. They separate it from the city of Cordoba just 32 km away. And we do not exaggerate if we say that it is one of the most beautiful places in the province.

How we arrived

To get to this waterfall, located in the middle of lush and wild vegetation, we must head to Rio Ceballos. From there, we drive along San Martín Avenue until we reach the La Quebrada Dam. Then we continue along the gravel road that borders the perilago, always on the right hand, until we reach the place called Colanchanga. There we stumbled upon a quasi-pulpery called Nido Gaucho. That's a good point to leave the car and buy some rich, fat fried pies, the specialty of the canteen. We continue to the north and take a rural path that opens to the left. At the ford that crosses the road with the confluence of the river, we continue along a pedestrian path that leads us upstream. In this place begins the most rugged and beautiful part, a route of medium difficulty that leads us, after walking a little more than 5 km (5.72 km measured with GPS from Nido Gaucho), to the Cascada de los Condores.

This journey takes an hour and a half of walk through a varied vegetation of typical mountain flora. Halfway of the route, we find a large stone that hinders the path and forces us to divert along a path. We must continue, listen to the river to the left, and a little further on the road is again marked. There is no type of signage, that's why it's fundamental not to move away from the watercourse .

After traveling about four kilometres, a tree with very striking roots impresses in the middle of the path. It's time to cross the river and keep moving. The ravines are getting narrower and narrower. Finally, you hear the loud sound of the water and show, imposing, the waterfall with all its beauty.

The reward

We're here. Now, to contemplate the landscape and blend in with him. It's a good time to enjoy swimming next to the fall from the water, to rest, take mate, take beautiful pictures and, especially, to regain energy to return.

In total, the journey takes five hours between round trip. While it is an ideal place to spend the day, it is important to start your return in the light of day. This is because the road has a very difficult stretch and it is not convenient for the night to surprise us.

Travelers, prepare a weekend and do not miss this natural wonder that Cordoba gives us.

More information: www.rioceballos.gov.ar

SOURCE: I'm Going Travel

Publication Date: 27/11/2019

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