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The cordovan atlantis

We tell you all about Salto Norte, a submerged town that is located in Cordoba. Its characteristics and the ways of getting to know it.


  A submerged village   is located 100 kilometers from the Cordovan Capital. It is a real Atlantis, which gives us its mysteries and invites us to explore it. It's   North Falls,   a city that was submerged under more than 30 meters deep. To get to know this ancient community, you need to dive. The Church, the square, are there, like a large architectural model, but submerged.

For more than 40 years this town has been submerged under the waters of Piedras Moras Dam. Today, around this little Atlantis, tours and walks are organized. The submersible experience presented by the Piedras Moras Dike, is designed both for those who want to do an underwater baptism as for the experienced diver. Throughout the tour you are accompanied by a guide belonging to the Sports Divers Association Córdoba

It is a treasure for those who dare to immerse themselves   .   Whoever does it will see that everything is perfectly preserved. The old hulls of rooms, bridges, forests and more, can be seen under this water mirror. The Church built to Patron Saint Joseph, is also able to see and what strikes the most is its bell tower,   which is preserved perfectly.   It is one of the most impressive buildings, as seeing it underwater is a must-see spectacle. The cemetery and the village houses are also there, 34 metres deep. The story that the town of Salto Norte tells us,   is fraught with mysteries.   And in order to listen to it well, you need to dive.

These submerged buildings, show us   Incredible underwater postcards.   They tell us as a voiceover, the story of thousands of families who had to migrate from Salto Norte and build their lives elsewhere.

  Buildings in a surreal setting  

A Traditional Stay invites us to visit it. The rooms of the house, cistern, pens and animal drinkers are preserved intact.   As if the passage of time is no longer working.   This Estancia was frozen at the time the water invaded it, and from that moment on, everything remains the same. Observing that ghost town, it is inevitable to imagine an entire community working. That today, he's gone. The village of Salto Norte gives us a   amazing experience.  

La Usina La Cascada is also one of the buildings that can be visited in this   deep tour.   It is a three-storey building built in 1914. Between native aquatic flora and fauna, this walk gives us   film pictures.  

A mixture of   surrealism and adrenaline   invade us the moment we dive into the waters   from the Piedras Moras Dike.  

  Interest Data  

To dive in Córdoba it is necessary to do so with qualified operators, registered with the Córdoba Tourism Agency. The Cordoba Sports Diving Association is a National Diving School and its instructors are qualified as guides in the province of Córdoba. The Córdoba Tourism Agency is the official body that regulates and controls, among other activities, the so-called Adventure Tourism, where diving is framed. To contact the Sports Divers Association Cordoba, either for excursions or diving courses, you must contact: (0351) 156187555, or write to

Dique Piedras Moras is 2 km from the town of Almafuerte, 101 km from the city of Córdoba Capital, taking the National Route 36 in the direction South.

Publication Date: 02/06/2020

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