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The 7 artificial wonders of Cordoba

We tell you everything you have to know about the 7 artificial wonders of Cordoba. If you visit the province,
| 31 January, 2020 |

Córdoba is one of the many provinces that delight us with its history and architecture. The Voice of the Interior together with the Cordoba Tourism Agency created a competition. As a result of this we can find out which are the most striking and special works. They decided what were the 7 natural wonders, on the one hand, and artificial, on the other. In addition, these places were chosen by the same Cordoba, who voted with the heart. More than 90,000 votes were recorded. And with them were defined the 7 wonders built by man. Here we tell you what they are and why you can’t miss them.

Church of the Capuchin

Inaugurated in 1933, it is a masterpiece of architecture. The church of the Capuchin is seen from many points of the city, and from all points it shows a unique beauty.

La Cañada

Its creation began in 1671 and was inaugurated in 1944. It constitutes the heart of the province, whose purpose is to channel the stream that crosses the city, to control the overflows. Around it, bars and walks were created. And today is the wonder of the city.

The Way of the High Summits

It was inaugurated in 1918, linking Córdoba Capital with the Traslasierra Valley. It is almost 100 km of road that leads directly to a wonderful valley. From the Capital City takes you through incredible landscapes.

Ferreyra Palace

Today it is called the Evita Superior Museum. In it, exhibitions and artistic activities are held. It was home to one of the aristocratic families

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