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The 5 best waterfalls in Cordoba

If there is something not missing in Córdoba and its mountains are fantastic waterfalls that run through and cross the province. We invite you to meet them.


 The province of Córdoba  has  thousands of attractions . One of them is the presence of  unmissable rivers and waterfalls.In this case we make a   top 5 of the best waterfalls. This geological phenomenon is generated by   unevenness in the territories, and are admired by  nature lovers.In general, this is the beginning or end of a watercourse .  Around them there are  ancestral legends  and a transgenerational connection with Mother Nature. - Why? - Why? Because these rivers  supplied consumable  water  to ancient villages and hamlets  . When it comes  from high ground , the water arrives  completely crystalline and without contamination. However, currently only crystalline water arrives if no company or work intervened around these waterfalls .  In this list we present  the most amazing ones. 

 1. The Chorrillos of Tanti 

This  small wonder  is one of the waterfalls found  at the highest altitude in the Sierras Cordobesas. That's why the show he gives us is impressive .  It has 115 meters of fall, which surprise us by its speed.  The beauty of this postcard  is shocking. It is located in the town of Tanti, one hour from the city of Cordoba and 15 km from Carlos Paz. However, it is part  of a   Private Nature  Reserve    that bears its name. Therefore, your check-in and check-out times are restricted.

 2. Olaén Waterfall 

This waterfall is part of La Falda. It is just 80 km from the city of Córdoba. So it can  become  anyone 's weekend  getaway    .  Olaén has all the necessary services  to be able to spend a weekend with family or friends. The amazing and fun thing is that it has water slides that flow into deep pots and  invite us to play . In addition, it is located at a  strategic point  where you can visit other wonders of the style. Like the Seven Waterfalls.

 3. Three waterfalls of Ascochinga 

This looks like a  3x1 promo .  Visiting only one destination you get the experience of discovering three must-see waterfalls . It is the magical triplet of Ascochinga, which is located 60 kilometers from the capital. There are three jumps that make up a special landscape. These three water courses  form pots  in which we can dive, swim and enjoy an  unbeatable setting .

 4. Birth of Mina Clavero 

This is another of the  emblematic points of Cordoba's tourism.  It includes a wonderful spectacle as the natural environment is of an  unmissable beauty . It is the beginning of one of the rivers that makes up  one of the 7 natural wonders of Argentina.Do you know what river it's about ?   the Mina Clavero River.The protagonist of the Sierras, who takes the best shots and gives us the best postcards .  The waterfall, in which this river is born, measures 102 meters, which makes its  fall great. This waterfall is located just 30 kilometers from Mina Clavero and approximately 100 kilometers from Villa Carlos Paz . 

 5. Cascade of the Dead Bull in San Lorenzo 

It is one of the waterfalls characterized by its accessibility. It is a unique waterfall that invites us to visit it in  just one day.It is 10 kilometers from Mina Clavero and has all the services available to be able to go without much load .  Yes, the  income is paid and has parking. This small waterfall can be enjoyed with the whole family .  In addition,  the surrounding landscapes  make up  magical postcards.  

Publication Date: 06/09/2020

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