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Tatú Carreta: an unforgettable experience

We tell you everything you have to know to visit the Tatú Carreta, the funniest open zoo in Córdoba.
| 29 January, 2020 |

With native species that are free around the site, the Tatú Carreta is the most fun zoo in Córdoba . What’s striking about this place is that the interaction with animals is face to face. They walk around you, approach in search of food and are used to interacting with visitors. The tour can be done by foot or by car. The paths are marked and it is not necessary to do the tour with guides.

The idea of this space is to create a safari, and connect with nature. The tour can be shared with adults, and the children do not stop enjoying themselves. There are 60 hectares of native flora and faunas, of learning and fun. There are recreation areas where you can learn about all species. The Tatú Carreta is a didactic walk and a unique experience.

It has spaces for care of certain species and recreation, for avoid extinction. The premises has football courts, volleyball courts, kiosks, bar, also spaces with grills and quinchos. You can spend the whole day at the Tatu’s facilities Wagon. And, most importantly, the habitat of animals is always respected. This means that we humans adapt to the space of the bugs, and not them who adapt to our rhythm.

The beauty of this experience is to take a conscious stance on wildlife and the importance of respect for the environment. Interaction with animals is very interesting. And being so close to rare species, very funny.

Not just by cart…

Tatú Carreta is located in the village of Molinari. About 40 minutes by car from Cordoba Capital. It can also be reached by bus. And, in the case of not wanting to do the ride by car or walking, the park has a little trencito.

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