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Tala Cañada: where the villages come together

Among the natural landscapes of the department of Pocho, Tala Cañada offers us its wonders. Shall we go?

Vista panorámica Tala Cañada

This town is also known as  “Las Chacras” or Tala Cañada.  This is a  small town with 200 inhabitants,  located in the  Pocho department.  Between unique natural landscapes and  Cordoba customs , this village is consolidated. Some traditions such as the  United Nations Festival and the   offerings to God and St. Theresa are preserved in the town. 

Between regional flavours, gastronomic offers and tourist activities, Tala Cañada is a very interesting place to visit. It has   almost unspoilt natural landscapes , and spaces that are not exploited by tourism. Therefore, tranquility, silence and peace are inherent characteristics of this place.

 Between waterfalls and streams,  Tala Cañada invites us to learn a little more about  the popular culture of Cordoba . In addition, it is very close to other destinations in the department of Pocho that are  amazing.  Like Rio Hondo, Sagrada Familia, El Manantial and Las Sierritas. From this town, you can take breaks in any direction. Going north, south, east or west of this town, you will find  indescribable natural beauties.  

Between junction, waterfalls and streams

This place is located about  120 km from the capital of Cordoba.  This small commune has two protagonists. On the one hand, the little stream that appears around Las Chacras. And on the other, the Tala Cañada stream. On the side of these  two waterways  there are natural grillers and pools to dive and spend the day. The stones, the lawn, the reflection of the sky in the river and the native forest are  some of the postcards  you will take when you visit it. Not to mention the beautiful sunset that is experienced from the banks of the streams.

Tala Cañada gives us his best postcards, and also invites us to  join all the villages  in his traditional  United Nations Festival . This party happens during the summer, and invites everyone to dance. Between jineteadas, folklore and lots of food, you can spend a  unique day in Tala Cañada .

More data

 How to get there:  From Córdoba Capital the shortest alternative involves taking the RP 34, then taking the RP 15 towards Pocho and then the RP 28 to Tala Cañada.

 Where to stay:  You can find a campsite in the area.

 Gastronomy:  Homemade sweets, fried pastries, pickled vizcachas and roasted meat are typical of the area.

Publication Date: 04/10/2020

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