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Summer getaway to Cordoba: what to do

The province offers various activities in all its regions. From Punilla Valley to Calamuchita Valley, you can find different prices and experiences.

After a difficult year, tourism was reactivated and citizens began to travel to the different regions of the country.To enter Córdoba national and international tourists must first register in the CUÍVERANO application to declare their respective stay.

In this context, the Córdoba Tourism Agency developed a catalogue with more than a hundred experiences so that those who choose the holiday destination enjoy it to the fullest and feel safe. Some of the options are in the mountains, in destinations such as Valle de Punilla or Valle de Calamuchita.

In either case, tourists can stay in hotels from two to four at affordable prices or those who go as a family, can opt for the cabins that give the bubble effect that has in the home. The value of the excursions varies according to the activity, but you can find extremely affordable prices.

Natural Paradise

The Punilla Valley is located in the west center of the province, 30 minutes from the city of Córdoba and is one of the main tourist centers. This proposal, for nature lovers, consists of a tour around the valley, through Bialet Massé and Santa María de Punilla until arriving in Cosquín, the national capital of folklore. The road is very complete and includes the most famous towns in the region: Valle Hermoso, La Falda, Villa Giardino, Capilla del Monte, until you reach Villa Carlos Paz.

It is an ideal walk to do with family or friends, and it is advisable to wear comfortable clothes and shoes, add an extra coat and wear sunscreen and hat. In addition, it is an opportunity to taste the local cuisine, which is characterized by homemade, organic and healthy cuisine, with options of vegan dishes, and in Villa Carlos Paz, the famous alfajores Cordobeses.

At Villa Carlos Paz you can have a coffee much less than in Buenos Aires and eat a good dish of food for less than you imagine. In another town along the way, in La Falda, the values of food dishes are similar to those of Carlos Paz.

A charming village

In the Calamuchita Valley is located La Cumbrecita, declared a natural reserve of multiple use, is the only pedestrian village in Argentina, a new place where all internal circuits are planned to be done on foot. Species of flora and fauna are a great attraction.

The proposal includes tours of pine forests, waterfalls and crystal clear water courses, to typical alpine constructions on the road. In this region, hiking is one of the favorite activities, and for those who prefer adrenaline can fly over the village practicing arborism or zip line. It is a natural and gastronomic experience, where you can also enjoy typical local food, such as goulash with spaetzle, German sausages or homemade cakes.

This all-day activity, designed for all audiences, includes a visit to the City of Cordoba, Alta Gracia, Anisacate, La Bolsa, La Serranita, Villa Ciudad de America, Los Molinos Dam, Los Reartes, Villa Berna, La Cumbrecita, Villa General Belgrano and subsequent return to Córdoba capital. During the visit you can go to eat at Villa General Belgrano, paying much less than in Carlos Paz.

Tranquility, fun or adrenaline, the proposals are many and in the catalog of experiences you can access many other activities to enjoy the holidays safely.

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