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Spa: beach energy in the middle of the pampa

A paradisiacal place awaits you if you go to Balnearia, in the middle of the Pampean plain in Cordoba you can breathe energy from the beach and the sea.

 Balnearia  is a small town that is very close to the Mar Chiquita lagoon  . Therefore, it is the destination of choice if your idea is to explore unusual places that only exist in the imagination or in Cordoba territory. It is a town in the department of San Justo, which is located in the  northeast of the Province of Cordoba,  approximately 190 kilometers from the capital. It is  perfect for a  summer holiday .  

It has free public facilities, nightlife, historic walks and more. Balnearia's sports centre is fully open to visitors. In the  summer season , they open  an Olympic swimming pool  for everyone to enjoy. Balnearia is a super quiet town, where children play on the streets. Where young people gather in the squares, and the doors of the houses are left without keys.  The postcard of this town  is time for a nap: streets with bicycles on the sidewalk, without padlock. For those who are accustomed to the rhythm of the city and its dangers,  Balnearia is a paradise. 

 For all 

With regard to other attractions of this place, there is the   Municipal  Historical Museum “San José”.  Where the history of the town and the arrival of the railway are told as a didactic walk. In addition, the walkway is a pedestrian promenade that became the icon of the town. This walk dates back to the 1950s and features an  old steam train machine.  It is the perfect postcard for a family photo and for a good memory of  this key destination .

In March, within the framework of the Patron Saint Festi—Bal, an event of the various immigrant cultures: Spain, Italy, Germany, Mexico, among others.

This place is  ideal for all ages . Youth live in the evenings as there is great activity of  bars, pubs and bowling.  Those interested in historical tourism can quench their curiosity in  museums and walks.  And the little ones have fun in the  clubs and squares  in the afternoons.

Are we all going  to Balnearia?

 Useful data 

 How to get there.  From Cordoba, the company FonoBus offers daily departures by public transport. The trip lasts three hours and 20 minutes. By private vehicle, take the RN19 (there is highway to Piquillin), in Rio Primero turn left and take the RP10 to La Puerta, there turn right towards northeast to finally take the RP17.

 Where to stay.  Balnearia has two hotels within the urban ejido and also has a complex of cabins one kilometer from the town with all services (including swimming pool).

 Gastronomy . The offer is varied, but just keep in mind that on Mondays the culinary guild takes a well-deserved break.

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