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San Marcos Sierras: a grounding cable

We tell you all about the place with the most special mystical of Córdoba. San Marcos Sierras and its unique corners await you.


It is one of the ideal places to connect with nature. San Marcos Sierras is on the way to Cruz del Eje, between two crystalline rivers. Its best feature is that it constitutes the place where we should all go to connect with the origin of life.

Among its mountains, its colorful village, its simplicity and the turtles of its rivers, it is synonymous with peaceand relaxation. It is the land chosen by bohemians, artists and craftsmen, who choose their hills to merge in their sky. Among the attractions of its cozy little town, there is a Hippie Museum. That is why it is the land of many dreadlocks, hippies and people with astonishingly particular life philosophies. In their lands, thousands of tents house travelers from all over the world and Cordoba who love this place. Its native forest is one of the most dense, and invites you to embrace nature. Its flora and fauna are very particular. The silence that inhabits these lands makes it the ideal place for introspective trips. For paths of self-knowledge and for energetic rituals. His mystique is special.

The activities offered by this point of the Sierras are many. They have to do with outdoor life and the connection with the Pacha Mama. Trekking, hiking, swimming in the pots of Quilpo, and more. On the other hand, Cerro de La Cruz is the gem of the community. The hike to the top is an incredible experience. Also the viewpoints of La Espina and Cerro Alfa are unmissable natural attractions.

A bit of history

In the center of the village, the main square. In the main square, the house of Cacique Tulián. Built with adobe and stone, in 1734. His life story constitutes that of the people. And that's why it's important to visit her. It is the corner of the Honey of Cordoba: it is the Provincial Capital of this food. For this reason, it also has a beekeeping theme park. A delight!

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cordobaCordoba: “Destination of Dreams”

Publication Date: 24/05/2020

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