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Punilla Garden: 5 must-see activities in Villa Giardino

A destination that offers unique landscapes and unforgettable experiences. Villa Giardino is all spring together, in one place.


 Villa Giardino  is a very particular point of Cordoba. Many Cordobeses and people from all over the country, choose this place to stay and live. It is a village in the Punilla Valley, and it is  the jewel of the Valley . In addition to being a blessing of nature for its wide variety of landscapes, it is a source of food for the soul. On the way of artisans, for example there are regional meals, cheeses and delicacies from the Sierras. Its producers are magicians because they offer unique delicacies. The  Cordoba wines you  can try in this area of the province are unforgettable. In addition, the restaurants that surround the village offer a wide variety of meals and specialties. If you go to Villa Giardino, you're sure to go out with your  belly full... and your heart happy .

When you are on your way to the  Sierras Chicas , Villa Giardino is the place visited by many tourists. It is located, on the RN 38, just an hour from Córdoba Capital. However, the energy change offered by its landscapes is amazing. In a few minutes, you exchange cement for flowers and trees, for unique forests of dense and admirable vegetation.

The symbol of this place is the well-known  “Clock Floral” . This monument is located at the entrance of the village and is surrounded by seedlings of various colors. The first impression, for any visitor, is that Villa Giardino is spring in one place.

 A garden of experiences 

Originally here there was only one railway station. What gave it the name is this place:  Estación Ferroviaria Miguel Thea . However, after constructions and donations made by the Giardino family, it was decided to change the name.  This family of Italians  knew how to discover a real Cordovan wonder. This is due to the modification of the name of the villa, in 1964. Removing as the definitive name  “Villa Giardino” . However, it is no coincidence that Giardino means garden in Italian. Due to its large amount of diversity of flora and fauna, Villa Giardino is called  “the garden of Punilla” .

 5 Safety pins of Giardino 

  1. Be encouraged to take a tour of the mountains. You can do it by walking, by bike or by car.
  2. Visit the artisans' path, and buy some souvenir of this wonderful place
  3. Take a selfie on the Floral Clock
  4. Enjoy a glass of Cordovan wine.
  5. Set up the mate team and visit Arroyo Los Quimbaletes. Just 20 minutes from the center of the Villa, to the northwest.

Publication Date: 26/09/2020

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