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Post pandemic tourism: 10 key posts in Cordoba

We inaugurated the post-pandemic stage, planning trips and adventures in our country. In this note we tell you 10 Cordovan postas that you will love.


 Córdoba is the most accessible province for anyone who wants to travel, as it is located in the center of the country and is a strategic point to visit many places.  In this note we tell you  10 postas that make up the most fun options  for post-pandemic tourism. Because we're already looking forward to touring the best places in Argentina, and here are a few:

Los Reartes: historic promenade

It is  one of the oldest towns in the Calamuchita Valley and was declared Pueblo Patrio.  It has many interesting facts and historical buildings that  take us on time travel.  It is also located in the middle of a natural and caring environment that invites you to meet it.

La Candelaria, Estancia Jesuítica Serrana: religious tourism

 In Cordoba there are several Jesuit Estancias,  each with its particular beauty. In Cruz del Eje, for example, is the Candelaria, a white and unspoilt church that is preserved as it was in its beginnings. And it was part  of the Jesuits  's journey to Upper Peru. It's an excellent  combination of religion and history. 

La Cumbrecita: pedestrian village

 The European heritage is in force at this tourist point.  It is a pedestrian village where nature and wooden constructions merge generating  unique panoramas.   In this place you can take historical walks  and enjoy an incomparable regional cuisine.

Cuesta Blanca: relax assured

The San Antonio River is one of the key getaways if you are in the capital city of Cordoba. A few km away, which can be traveled by bus, you will find an  atmosphere of relaxation, nature, beach and sand.  Cuesta Blanca  is the perfect escape .

Colonia Caroya: gastronomic tourism

 The best wines, cheeses and salames are in this unique post.  So if you're interested in sightseeing with your tummy, this is the perfect place. Because if you go through Colonia Caroya, you go out with a full belly and your heart happy.

Natural Water Reserve La Quebrada Park: connect with nature

This reserve is located very close to the capital,  in Rio Ceballos.  Within its facilities you can carry out different activities, connecting with nature and learning  about preservation of the environment. 

Ansenuza: town in the sun

The sunsets and sunrises  in the salt water mirror of Cordoba  are unique. In this town you can learn a lot about the history of a submerged village,  and the particular flora and fauna in a strange ecosystem. 

El Camino del Peregrino: introspective tourism

This was the route that the Cura Gabriel Brochero was taking. Therefore, it is  a visit of introspection and self-knowledge,  as well as an alternative tourism that gives you  unforgettable postcards. 

El Cajon Dock: revealing water mirror

 The jewellery  of Capilla del Monte awaits you if you are fond of fishing. Or simply if you want to enjoy  a unique day with a special view.  El Cajón  is the ideal place to enjoy  with family or friends, to have a picnic and spend unique moments.

Los Lisos Valley: assured adventure

 It is the protected area of Los Gigantes and is a key sector for a great day of trekking and photography.  The geological formations of yesteryear give us an ancestral connection with nature and give us back relaxation.

These 10 points are key points to keep in mind when visiting Cordoba. Because this province awaits you  with thousands of attractions that adapt to your needs and interests . And you... which place are you going to choose to enjoy post-pandemic tourism?

Publication Date: 27/11/2020

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