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Museums to visit in La Docta

Although we're not traveling, we're still travelers. And as always, we want to share it. Today, we set up a tour to do a post-pandemic.

Museos cordobeses

The Cordovan capital is undoubtedly the best  tourist and cultural destination  in the interior of Argentina. When traveling to Cordoba, for work or pleasure, you will always find different alternatives to visit all year round. Events for all tastes from, as Rodrigo painted well in his song  “All year tunga tunga of the best is our Rocanrol and a la mona idolatamos”  until hosting  the Congress of Language  last year. In this note we will describe five of the most beautiful and massive museums in the city “ of the most beautiful women,  fernet , birra dawn without pair” .

Superior Museum of Fine Arts “Evita” — “Ferreyra Palace”

This temple for cultural development and French neoclassical  architecture  is located on Avenida Hipólito Yrigoyen 511.  The old palace of the Ferreyra family  passed into the hands of the State to become the Evita Museum in October 2007. Its purpose is to exhibit the artistic and cultural  heritage  of the province of Córdoba.

As it happened at the beginning of the last century, this palace was built with materials brought by boat from Europe. On the other hand, the wonderful park around it is the first  “beautiful art”  that can be seen when you arrive. The same, as it used to be in those times, was designed by the French landscape designer  Carlos Thays . When the sun begins to lean over the horizon, the green space transfigures on a walk, the beautiful grove invites you to sit down and enjoy a matte chat through. There are those who, before going home, use it as a way to disconnect from work stress by contemplating unique views.

The museum has 3 floors, a subfloor and 12 rooms that retain the originality of the French construction. Important works by local and national artists are exhibited in this cultural entity. Great works are shown in a room dedicated to an exclusive theme with the aim of permanently exhibiting exhibitions that are owned by the state of Cordoba and, part of the historical and cultural heritage of Cordoba such as photographs, paintings, drawings, sculptures and objects.  Meet 

Provincial Museum of Photography — “Dionisi Palace”

As the previous one was a dwelling, in this case of the Dionisi family, smaller than the Ferreyra Palace is located on Avenida Hipólito Yrigoyen 622.  The entrance impresses with its wide central staircase  topped, before branching through a colorful stained glass. Exiting to its balconies gives you a unique and indescribable view towards the corner of Yrigoyen and Lugones where the Plaza España is contemplated.

This luxurious art gallery has been operating since 2013, with works by local and South American artists. It is a pleasant and lavish museum, specialized in disseminating unequal forms of national photographic creations. The rooms are tiny, but that does not limit them to display charming  photographic samples  in all their genres and techniques, with exhibits of works, analogue and digital topics. The Dionisi Palace is part of the province's historical heritage.  Learn more by entering HERE. 

Museum of Anthropology of the UNC

This other cultural space in the city depends on the Faculty of Philosophy and Humanities of the  National University of Córdoba . Like the previous Cordobés museums, the venue is an original mansion from the beginning of the 20th century, but in this case, the architectural line is Italian, artnouveau style. The place is located on Avenida Hipólito Yrigoyen 174.

On the ground floor there are  the rooms of Andean and Serrana  archeology   . A collection of pieces, ceramics, urns and utensils from the native culture that lived in Catamarca, samples brought from the towns of Ambato, Bethlehem, Condor Huasi, Aguada, among others and that are of unique cultural value in the country.

The upper floor to this, deals with the study of social anthropology. The tour takes you to visit the amazing rooms of the  Andean Rituals and Identities  where  ancestral  practices of the peoples of that region of the country are presented, and the clean and colorful textiles, mostly from Bolivia of enormous ethnographic and symbolic value. It is a very attractive museum, not only for specialists or like-minded students, but for the general public .   Learn more by entering HERE.    

Provincial Museum of Fine Arts “Emilio Caraffa”

It is located in the cultural corridor of Leopoldo Lugones at 411. It is the ideal place to meet art productions. The museum has  nine exhibition halls , for the visitor to travel from 4 to 7 exhibitions simultaneously. All the methods of art are contained here drawing, new techniques, photography, video art, sculpture and painting, are shown daily.

It was created on December 5, 1914 and the design belongs to Architect Juan Kronfuss. The original headquarters was increased in 1962 and, later, an important building expansion work was carried out, completed in 2007. As a result, the museum tripled its exhibition space and introduced new security services, works storage, library and public service.  Learn more by entering HERE. 

Provincial Museum of Natural Sciences “Dr. Arturo Umberto Illia”

Located on Avenida Poeta Lugones 395 is clearly the cultural scene of the natural sciences of the Mediterranean province.

In its beginnings,  it was called the “Provincial Polytechnic Museum” . Over time, the museum was installed in several homes until it arrived in the Barrio de Nueva Córdoba in 2007. The architecture in the form of a snail, with three circular decks that connect with each other, by ramps that allow the continuous circulation of visitors and a permanent visual stimulus.

The profile of the institution is characterized by preserving a collection of valuable and outstanding mining, specimens of fauna, flora and rocky elements from all latitudes of the planet. In the same line of exhibitions, the exhibition of animals and plants that inhabit the Cordovan province is a must-see. Other attractions of the place is the display of life-size replicas of giant mammals that, in the past, inhabited the Cordovan territory. In addition to the copies, an original piece of the Gliptodonte shell is exhibited, recovered in the Almafuerte area.  Know him. 

 Source and photos: @agenciacórdobacultura and @robertogómez 

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Publication Date: 26/05/2020

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