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La Tapería, a bar that was born in the middle of the pandemic

A hope is born in the midst of a pandemic. A bar that brings us new experiences and returns us, even a little bit, to normal.

La Tapería

 In the midst of an economic crisis and full pandemic,  this couple decided to bet everything on their project. This is a  new Cordovan bar  that was born in the world's madness, but promises a lot. In the heart of Barrio Güemes, in the provincial capital, an area where more and more entrepreneurs are betting, opens this new proposal.  Analia Yendreka and Leonardo Mucchielli are the owners of La Tapería, who decided to activate just two days after the easing of the business in Cordoba.

In the words of Leo, one of its owners:

 “ The Tapería was born as a dream between Analia and me, as a longing and love for gastronomy in general, arose from the phrase 'how would I like to have a glass of wine at nap' and so the confabulous destiny gave us the opportunity to assemble in La Galería (“ La Gale”) in a small corner, a place where only our capricious dream was embodied.” 

Thus,  with entrepreneurial and fighter energy  this new place opens space. A bar that offers new experiences , breaks conventions  and invites diners to return again and again.  In addition, like no other place in Güemes,  it is cared for by its owners.  Which gives it the unique, authentic and special touch.

 Enjoy a la carte 

All recipes are designed by the couple who,  in search of happiness, not a pandemic stops them.  So  they jumped into the pool  and decided to open to the community this  little corner of culture and enjoyment . The wine list of this place is super wide and has unique flavors. Entering  La Tapería  is to enter a  new world of sensations, flavors and emotions.  A new experience is presented hand in hand with the gastronomic offers offered by the local. Also, in quarantine times, traveling is no less thing. And above all, if it is  to travel on a tasting exercise. 

This boutique seeks  to catch Cordoba, native and gourmet flavors,  combining them with  exclusive drinks.  Besides, it has its doors open at any time and his letter responds to that.  From snacks to minced . Infusions, coffee, and sweet and savoury options for amazing evenings. But also cocktails, drinks, wines, sparkling and chopped to spend unique nighttime.  You choose! 

Its owners, Leo and Ana,  summarize the proposal 

 “ It's simple, I came for a drink, pick something and enjoy it. Everything is made by us except a little sourdough bakery. We also want to highlight the product produced at the moment and in sight, interacting with us and sharing the moment. The proposal of the letter is to mutate by seasonal products, so our menu is dynamic. Selected wines by the glass, beers and classic cocktails”. 

 Registered trademark 

 The Tapería  is not only novel in its tasting and menu offer, but also  in the process that led it to emerge.  It is the  shared dream of a couple of young entrepreneurs who were driven by the need to create something  simple but at the same time original.  Something exclusive never seen before, but at the same time inclusive as it invites the general public. This place will become one of the must-see in Güemes. 

 Tapas and minced options include:  caramelized skewers of chicken breast and cherry tomatoes; Brie cheese bruschettas, reduced malbec tomatoes and black olives; or tacos de entraña and pico de gallo. This tapas and wine bar has  the authentic brand of a couple  who knows how to innovate without losing the  Argentine and Cordovan trademark. 

Come on La Tapería!

Publication Date: 07/08/2020

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