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La Calera, express tourism

We tell you everything about this Cordoba post that attracts travelers in the day to day. Many choose La Calera to spend a day.


It is a town located a  few kilometers from  the city of Cordoba. In less than an hour's drive, you reach a place that retains its original magic. Although this space grew a lot in the last ten years, today it remains a  natural paradise . Between mountains, private neighborhoods, rivers and hills, La Calera is a town that  combines everything you need .

Most of the attractions of this destination are historic places: chapels, mills and buildings of yesteryear. For example, one of the most famous spots in La Calera is  the Old Chapel . It is a temple built in 1727 by the Society of Jesus. As in the whole province,  the Jesuits  also gave  their touch  to this place.

Another attraction is the  Parque Hotel . This hotel is considered   the first tourist hotel   in the province of Cordoba. That's why he's got his fame. This property houses  unique and quiet  spaces with long expanses of native forests and surrounding mountains. She's a beauty.  It was built in 1871  by former president Domingo Faustino Sarmiento. And in 1985 they declared it of  provincial interest .

 3 posts in history 

 1. Double Mill 

The  Double Mill  is an attraction of La Calera. The Noble Presbyter Canelas built it there in 1776. Today it stands as an icon of the city and as a  tourist spot .

2.  Old Molet plant 

Another post in this town is  the old Molet plant,  built in 1901. Today there is a museum where you can learn about  the history of electricity . And that's why it also receives visitors from all over the world.

3.  Museum of Cal 

Another must-see is  the Cal Museum . This is located in front of the railway station. Cultural activities, fairs and guided tours are always available here.

The walks and activities offered by La Calera are suitable for the whole family. That's why it's a super acclaimed destination. If you want to walk,  come here .

Publication Date: 15/09/2020

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