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Did you hear about ghost eden?

In the lands of La Falda, there is a lodging for ghosts. This is the Eden Hotel. The best services... for beings of another dimension.

It was inaugurated in  1898 , designed to accommodate families of high purchasing power. World renowned personalities were accommodated in its rooms. Argentine presidents such as Julio Argentino Roca, José Figueroa Alcorta, Agustín P. Justo and Roberto Marcelino Ortiz. Famous artists such as Rubén Dario, Arturo Toscanini and Berta Singerman. All of them were guests of such a majestic hotel. And yes, its building aimed at an  elite audience . The hotel located in La Falda was intended to accommodate Europeans, Argentines and people from all over the world. At the time, the tuberculosis epidemic was a threat and the Eden Hotel was  a refuge .

The original building had two floors:  100 rooms  in each and 4 bathrooms per floor. However, after some modifications, the hotel went on to have more bathrooms and other spaces. Of course it had large lounges, common spaces, a dining room for approximately  250 people  , bar and more. Among ostentatious galleries, party rooms, reading rooms and gardens, tourists walked relaxed.

 A paranormal lodging 

As for sports, there you could practice golf, swimming, horseback riding and tennis. An elite building, for the most privileged families. But, over time, the hotel was declining. Because it was a centuries-old construction, it did not remain as appropriate. And, today, his appearance is  phantasmagoric . However, he remains an icon of the Punilla Valley, and still hosts tourists. But what has the most crowd is night excursions. It's just that, at the Eden Hotel,  paranormal episodes  happened that became famous. And everyone wants to know what it is. The magic of this place is unique. That's why it's an unmissable experience. But, yes, if you're going to visit him, be ready! You don't know if you're going to cross with some spirit that makes this  place an enchanted place .

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