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First hotel of Cordoba wine

Chapaq Ñan Hotel Boutique, Villa Rumipal, is relaunched as a wine theme space.
Chapaq Ñan Hotel Boutique, de Villa Rumipal
26 January, 2020

With the elegance that characterizes it for 12 years, when it was inaugurated, but adding a flagship product, the First Hotel del Vino in the province of Córdoba was launched.

Immersed in the Caminos del Vino de Calamuchita, Chapaq Ñan Hotel Boutique del Vino brings together a concept: offering experiences. It starts from the premise that it is not just a hotel to stay to sleep. Every detail is designed to immerse yourself in the world of wines and their derivatives: from the name of each of the nine rooms: Malbec, Isabella, Lagrimilla, among others, which refer to Cordoba identity.

This is how wines and their derivatives are present in a world that encompasses flavors, aromasand textures. There are novel and innovativeproducts, among which the wines of Calamuchita stand out and their unique characteristics awarded by the terroir, for tastings and pairings in the Américo subtraction, but also in artisanal alfajores stuffed with orange wine mouse, for example. Also, Malbec black strand tea services and Torrontés green tea paired with homemade pastry and savory appetizers.

Each room, equipped with a hot ture, has amenities such as exfoliating wine soaps; wine creams and emulsions of foaming agents.

In the Spa guests can perform wine circuits therapy with mud masks, creams and emulsions made with grape nuggets which have antioxidant properties.

Chapaq Ñan Hotel Boutique del Vino offers the possibility to purchase these exclusive cosmetic products and also the wine perfumes.

Cava is an exquisite and differentiated space for wine tasting . Prepared for flavors and smells to envelop the visitor, like the singing of mermaids in Homer’s Odyssey.

The experiences in the area of the hotel are completed by guided visits to the cellars of Calamuchita.

To enjoy with family or share with friends together with the experience of outdoor activities and the possibility to rest in the mountains of Cordoba.

What is Chapaq Ñan Hotel

It is located in Villa Rumipal, in a privileged place in front of the lake of Embalse , 115 kilometers from the city of Córdoba, and close to the four wineries that make up the Caminos del Vino de Córdoba in the region of Calamuchita.

It rises in a 1933 house sent to build by Gustavo Riemann, founder of Villa Rumipal. It was the second property of the village born on September 6, 1930.

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