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Enjoy Cordoba from your home

In quarantine times, you thought you couldn't travel. But you can take a virtual trip. We tell you about the program “Enjoy Cordoba from your home”.

Córdoba desde tu casa

From so much quarantine we started to go into crisis. Our customs are moulded to coexistence with an invisible enemy that stalks us at all times. We live quarantine at home, with family, alone or with friends. Depending on how we caught the mandatory insulation measure. Those of us who have the privilege of living this situation from home and love to travel think of only one thing: future journeys. As soon as we can get out on the street, and we can travel . But what you didn't know is that, from home, you can also walk. That's what the program“Enjoy Córdoba from your home” is all about.

It is a proposal that invites you to take a walk from your home. A virtual tour of the whole province of Córdoba. It includes its wonders and mandatory stops. The campaign emerges as a way to continue caring for each other. As a way of raising awareness about the need for everyone to stay in their respective homes.

And also as a fun alternative in times of health emergency. It is that the advance of COVID-19 and the global situation lower our defenses a little . What better recreation of the media and fear than touring a province?

The destinations are diverse and try to honor the beauty of the province of Córdoba. “Enjoy Cordoba from your home” is the way to pass social, preventive and mandatory isolation without boring us. Who knew that in times of coronavirus we could travel without harming others ?

The contents published in the program can be found at www.cordobaturismo.gov.ar and invite us to the most precious little corners of this land.

Where are we going?

Some of the destinations that can be visited are the 5 Jesuit stays and the Jesuit Square of Cordoba, which were declared by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. Virtual tours will also take place. One of them will be the Caminos del Vino de Córdoba, which take you to visit virtually 12 wineries. Or meet artisan wine producers. In addition, there will be an option to live the photographs as if they were in 3D, which gives the feeling of being in every place we visit virtually .

Shall we go?


Publication Date: 04/04/2020

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