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Cross of the Axis, in the heart of every Cordoba

Cruz del Eje, in Córdoba, is a small town that embraces you and does not let you out. With its flavors and traditions, we can't help but visit it.


Cross del Eje is born between a reservoir, inns, stays and thematic paths. A small town, but with thousands of attractions. It is loved by the  Cordobes  and overvisited by people from all over the world. Its diversity makes it unique. Its main attraction is the   Cruz del Eje Reservoir  . It is the jewel of the place, the most coveted by  fishermen  and lovers of water sports. However, this place offers us much more.

The   olive tradition    of Cruz del Eje makes every visitor love. And it leaves, for each, a unique flavor. Small producers and large-scale factories operate in this sector of the city. And, of course, they offer  tours and products  to anyone who wants.

 Los Patos Island  and the Municipal Spa  are key places to spend the day with the family. In its surroundings, all services are provided to live unique moments. And you're not missing anything. In addition, thousands of hikes and crossings can be done in the forests of these lands.

 A bit of history 

The  central centre of Cruz del Eje  shows us a bit of the history of the town of Cordoba. Historical buildings, museums and the square bring us closer to the past.In addition, a key point to visit is the   Estancia Jesuit La Candelaria  . She's one of the best in Cordoba. Its condition is very similar to the original, because its conservation was always prioritized. That's why it's a visit that you can't miss if you walk around this area.

Another striking stay is the  Inn Estancia Siguiman . It is colonial style, built in the second half of the 18th century. A guided tour of this place is a gift to the soul. That's why you can't stop visiting Cruz del Eje. A  strategic point , since from there you can visit thousands of more paradisiacal places.

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Publication Date: 25/06/2020

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