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Cordobeses volcanoes: tourism that erupts

You did not know that the province not only has amazing mountain ranges, but also inactive Cordoba volcanoes that make up unique landscapes.


In the  department of Pocho , northwest of the province of Córdoba, there are geological formations of  millions of years . They are volcanoes that at some point were active that connect us to a very remote past. These landscapes tell us part of the  origin of our planet  and show us the diversity that the province shelter.

 The volcanoes of Pocho  are five, and they form a cord that gives the impression of being in front of common and common mountain ranges. But no, these formations date from  four to seven million years ago . These inactive cones have the name of  Poca, Boroa, Véliz, Agua en la Cumbre and La Ciénaga . The highest is La Ciénaga, with  1600 meters .

The striking thing about this place is that it is located only 140 km northwest of the Cordovan capital. And, despite being a few kilometers,  the landscape changes sharply . The Sierras de Pocho and its volcanoes are a wonder of nature, which is worth visiting. That is why many nature reserves were erected around it to conserve the environment. Researchers from all areas are approaching to study this geological phenomenon that occurred in the northwest of the province of Córdoba. Undoubtedly, the striking is the presence of volcanoes so far from the Andes Mountains.

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What makes this landscape attract attention is that it combines very diverse features. From palm trees around, to native forests. Artificial tunnels, natural streams and more, all of these components are home to native fauna and  species of birds  that musicalize the visit.

These formations are located very close to the towns of Salsacate and Taninga, which also have beautiful attractions. In a short distance, you can enjoy dissimilar landscapes, which surprise us step by step. These Cordoba volcanoes are must-see. Are we going to walk around the Pocho Department?

Publication Date: 25/08/2020

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