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Cheer up for some nakations.

We tell you all about new trends in tourism. “Nakations”: nudist tourism in the mountains of Córdoba. Do you dare?

Nudista meditando en naturaleza

From  naked , which means “naked”, and  vacations , which means “holiday”, arises this  concept of nakations   that is trending in 2020 travelers  . Meet Yatan Rumi, the nudist reserve located in beautiful Tanti, 55 kilometers from the city of Córdoba. It is open 24 hours a day in the summer and is located 15 kilometres from the centre of Tanti.

You have to cheer up because it must be a fabulous feeling: imagine yourself without clothes, throwing away everything. In absolute connection with nature.  Yatan Rumi  's proposal is about that. They are  1200 hectares  full of vegetation, streams and waterfalls in an environment of complete relaxation and respect.

 What is naturism? 

On the website of the  Association for Argentine Naturist Nudism  it is explained: “Naturism is a way of life in harmony with nature, characterized by the practice of common nudity, with the aim of promoting respect for oneself, for others.aacute; s and the environment.”

 Useful information for a Tanti getaway 

One hour is how long you can stay in clothes when you enter the reservation. At that time you evaluate how you feel in the place. If you are comfortable, you undress and go out to enjoy  some of the hikes . You have the possibility to visit an amazing waterfall while the summer breeze impacts  directly on your body . Doesn't sound bad, does it? Cheer up for nakations.

The  nudist reserve  offers two forms of accommodation. A campsite with capacity for 50 people and a cottage for 20 visitors. On December 8 they held their renowned  nudist marathon “Cross Country” . This event brought together  more than 70 nudism lovers from all over the country. 

 Tanti, an antidote against the city  

 Nakations  are linked to the concept of sustainability. They focus on the search for freedom and deep contact with nature. In the world there are already hotels that are adopting this new trend and offer their guests nudist beaches. Here in Córdoba,  Yatan Rumi is the option of nakations  that we find  a few kilometers from the city . And it serves to live an experience characterized by nudity. It is a natural oasis crossed by Los Chorrillos stream.

Do you dare to live a different experience?

SOURCE:  Voy de Viaje


Publication Date: 14/02/2020

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