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Casper’s house: where Cordoba ghosts live

If you leave for Carlos Paz and want to live a unique and unforgettable experience, you have to visit the
tenés que visitar la Casa de Casper.
| 18 December, 2019 |

In a secluded place in the city of Villa Carlos Paz live Cordoba ghosts. It is the Casa de Casper, a place that invites both adults and children. The proposals change each season, but they are always fun. The guides offer tours with very entertaining narrations that give the tour the special seasoning. Unusual situations happen in this place. Entering this house, different emotions and perceptions begin to soar.

Casper’s House is the only gravity-less place on planet Earth. Would you dare to come in? Set in the 1940s, this site makes us witness effects that can only be explained by the existence of phantasmagorical beings. It is a landmark of Cordoba tourism , and in season it does not stop hosting families that only intend to have fun. The rides last approximately 30 minutes, and every minute is full of fun. Disguised guides, guided paths, enchanted forests and much more await you to share in Cordoba territory. Parents take part in the tour and have a good time with their children.

The Casa de Casper is located in El Redeemer 348. Close to other tourist points of Villa Carlos Paz, which makes it a strategic place to continue walking. If you visit Cordoba and walk with the most children of the family, do not miss this visit. This park is prepared and conditioned to burst laughter and happiness to everyone.

With Watch out!

For security reasons, admission is restricted to pregnant women, people with symptoms of vertigo, hypertension, cerebral valve, difficulty motor, cardiovascular pathologies, special abilities or claustrophobia.

Opening hours: Daily from 10.30 am to 20.30 pm

Phone: (03541) 694677

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