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By boat or boat on three Cordoba lakes

There are different boats for fishing or for a walk in the lakes of the province. We present you three must-see proposals.


By rowing boat on the La Viña dam

One of the ideal alternatives to find relaxation and tranquility in the Traslasierra Valley is to paddle by boat through this Cordovan reservoir. It is one of the most distinctive lakes in the province, located 35 kilometers from the city of Mina Clavero. With a large wall of more than 100 meters high that impacts visitors for its imposing panoramic view. Spend the day on the shores of this lake at the APA Fishing Club. This place has a campsite and also offers boat rental. It is possible to take this type of walk from 7 to sunset. You can make use of the facilities of the site.

Motor boat on Lake Los Molinos

On the first line of this mountain lake, it is a classic to enjoy a day of fishing or recreation in Potrero de Garay. One of the cities that surround it next to Villa Ciudad América. Favorite place for those who practice fishing on board. Species such as pejerreyes and carp can be found during any time of the year. From the Lito Cabañas and Embarcadero Complex, you can rent motor boats for the lakes. If you do not have the necessary knowledge to master this type of craft, a small introductory class is offered to do so. The boat has a capacity for three people. It is advisable to do this type of crossing in the morning, when there are soft winds, wearing a life jacket.

Boat on Lake Embalse

It is the largest lake in the province, located in the Calamuchita Valley and with more than a century of history. One of the most attractive options to explore is by boat from the nautical parador Gerard Le Moy, on weekends. With capacity for fifteen people, the tour is one hour and has a tour guide. You sail along the dam, the Las Vacas bridge, two virgin islands and Maldonado and El Ceibo beaches, two of the most popular beaches in the town.

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