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An interdisciplinary posta

We tell you all about the bar that revolutionizes La Cumbre with an innovative proposal, a place to enjoy good food, good drinking and good listening

donde queda mescaleros

 It is Mescaleros, a tavern in La Cumbre, Cordoba,  where those who send are vinyl records and music lovers. In the beautiful town of Punilla, he opened a new redoubt  for lovers.   They chose summer  as the inaugural season,  but plan to stay all year (and more) with the doors open  for anyone who is encouraged to bring their own album to share.  

where is mescaleros

Fill the void with mezcal

In the heart of La Cumbre, in the Punilla Valley and 80 kilometers from Cordoba, you will find  this cultural tavern with an original proposal.  The combo is perfect: music, literature, nature  and gastronomic delights.  

La Cumbre is one of the most beautiful places in Punilla, and accompanies the beauty of the surroundings with its cultural proposition. There took place for many years El Pungo. It was  a lovely corner  that the  great artists of national rock went through.  This place even functioned as the venue for the most famous Halloween party in the province.  With its absence, the void became untenable, but it seems that Mescaleros came to stay and become the new key meeting point.  

The missing piece

The area is consolidated as an increasingly sustainable gastronomic hub.  Between vineyards, bars, paradores and restaurants,  the offer is becoming increasingly diversified, but Mescaleros's proposal does not lack anything and has plenty of originality.  It has a large boutique wine list, craft beer, whiskey varieties, gin, drinks and café options. Its creator does not hesitate to define it as the ideal place  “for inveterate music lovers and reading fans   who want to pair their passions accompanied by the best drinks”.  

Melodies not to forget

 “ In La Taberna, music really matters to us   and the place has at its disposal an exclusive corner for  music lovers  in physical format with a Nourished collection of vinyl records, CD's and cassettes. Each parish who visits the place can choose music from the available albums or approach one of their personal collection  to make it sound while enjoying their favorite drink” ,  tells the media who is  in charge of space .

Between lyrics and music

where is mescaleros

 There are all El Librero's books available,  for those who want to dive into the pages of any text or for those who want to buy them and continue reading at home or on holiday. El Librero is a cordovan bestiary of works: it  disseminates, promotes, recommends and markets books.   Its catalogue is predominantly oriented to  essays, biographies and stories with an axis in musical themes,  although it also offers  novels, short stories and titles  that encourage critical thinking. The editorial lines that El Librero manages are perfectly complemented by the  welcoming intention of Mescaleros.  

 La Taberna proposes activities linked to the culture  offering a space for live performers, book presentations, theme nights with film and documentary screenings and different cultural alternatives linked to music and literature.  The space was designed with a concept where bars and  comfortable stools predominate to accommodate  in any of its corners and enjoy top quality drinks.

Mescaleros seeks to cover  the space that was missing  in  La Cumbre for the previous or post-dinner  within a locality that has established itself in recent years as  a great Cordovan gastronomic polo. 

Let's go?



Publication Date: 30/03/2021

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