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A small saw? The mountain range

We give you all the tips you need to make a trip to La Serranita, the place where peace and quiet reigns.

If you are looking for a destination to enjoy with family or friends,  La Serranita  is your place. This is a place in Cordoba in the  Paravachasca Valley . The characteristic features of this place are the proximity to the capital and its tranquility. So, if you're looking for  calm , it's time to take a break to Paravachasca.

  50 km from the  capital of Cordoba  , you will find incredible landscapes, native flora and fauna, mountains, rivers and ancient buildings. The stones and the river bed, combined in pots, invite you to dive. Cascaditas with incredibly crystal clear waters. Streams where to rest, while you refresh your body. The banks of the   Anisacate River  , with its green and sand parts, are ideal for matting. And, of course, also for fishing. All this and much more offers you La Serranita.

The village is a small settlement with just over 400 inhabitants, but no less beautiful. The Stella Montis Church is a good place to reflect and photograph. It was built in the 1940s and is clearly a  tourist attraction in La Serranita .

On the other hand, the villa has paths to  the hill La Luisa and La Cruz . These elevations are the protagonists of many hiking programs. Since, from its top, unforgettable panoramas are enjoyed. In the first of them there is a magic point: the Cave of the Ferns. There you can connect directly with the strength of nature, it is a point where native vegetation and small waterfalls abound.

 Other activities 

In La Serranita you will also find  the Nature Reserve  and the   Recreative Park   , where you have the possibility to enjoy different activities with your family. All these spaces offer routes for riding, cycling or trekking. You choose which is the best option.

Accommodation and gastronomy options abound. Especially if you're a camping lover. On the banks of the Anisacate River, there is a wide variety of  campsites with many services .

More data

 How to get there:  From the city of Cordoba, by bus, with the companies Sierras de Calamuchita, Pájaro Blanco or Lep. By car, directly on the RP 5, passing Los Aromos, is about 50 minutes away.

 Gastronomy:  In the area there are some traditional warehouses offering hot menus, a couple of restaurants at the entrance to the village and a brewery that also prepares mince.

 Where to stay:  In La Serranita you can find a hotel and multiple cottages and inns to stay.

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