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A river crosses the city: La Cañada

The city of Córdoba is crossed by rivers. We will tell you which rivers cross the famous Cordovan canyon and
La ciudad de Córdoba está atravesada por ríos
| 08 January, 2020 |

A work with many years of age makes Cordoba a very particular city. It is La Cañada, which not only crosses the city, but also crosses the heart of many Cordoba. It is the channeling of a stream that flows into the Suquía River. La Cañada is an icon of the city. Around it, typical trees grow that lean inward into the stream for a little water. These trees are the Tops, and they paint the city green.

The construction of the calicanthus containing La Cañada began in 1671, and was inaugurated in 1944. I mean, the wall has been part of the city for 75 years. It is almost 3 km long, starts at El Tronador Street and ends at Suquía in Humberto Primo.

Different activities and recognized institutions were formed around it. For example, the Paseo de las Flea, the Municipality, various squares, schools, pedestrians, etc. And, on a daily basis, it houses the inhabitants of the city. By day, street vendors, orange groves or employees who take a break at the edge of the mural. At night, young people enjoy the scenery and the reflection of the sky on the ground.

Around it are born urban legends, such as the history of La Pelada de
La Cañada. And there are also characters that belong to the place. In its walls, La Cañada houses stories, loves, misloves, encounters and disagreements. La Cañada is one of the seven artificial wonders of the city of Córdoba. It is a work that, in addition to having history, constitutes us as Cordoba.

An icon of the city

He’s an icon of the city. In the central area, around them stood bars and boliches. As well as in its vicinity theatres, cultural centers and cinemas. La Cañada is a party all the time. An meeting point, a reason to visit the province, a charm. It is the pampered city, pride and magic. With a particular mystique sharing moments in this place becomes an unmissable ritual.

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