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A destination that saves the native forest

A hidden treasure in Rio Ceballos awaits us to reveal the mysteries of nature. Native forest, waterfalls and harmony in one place.

Bosque nativo

 Thousands of corners  of our Argentina await us. When planning trips,  our country is the most difficult to travel. Because   each place enchants us with its magic and once  we visit it, we want to come back.In addition, we find it difficult to plan   adventurous getaways,  because all provinces  treasure unique beauties. This destination is one of the many that generates this indecision when choosing where to travel .  A representative place of the native forest. A  special place,  you'll always want to go back to.

 A small corner of the beautiful province of Cordoba  that connects us with nature and disconnects us from the routine. Los Quebrachitos is a reserve specially designed to welcome visitors in a  100% natural space. It is the preferred corner  of Unquillo and is located just 8 km from the central area of the town .   The Los Quebrachitos Water, Natural and Recreational Reserve is a must-see destination.Within this property there are several trails that have as their final destination landscapes that seem to come out    of fairy tales. 

This park has  5000 hectares  full of regional species, streams,  striking trails  and native forest. This property is  the paradise of bird lovers,  the ideal place for sighting.  There are more than 60 species  that flutter in the skies of Los Quebrachitos. Among them, the blackberry eagles, the caranchos, the woodpeckers and the jotes. The importance and beauty of this Reserve lies in the  protection and preservation of the native forest of Cordoba. To reach Los Quebrachitos by collective from the capital, you have to take an interurban to the terminal of Unquillo and then an urban transport to travel the eight kilometers that separate the reserve from the most populated area. Once there, you have to take a walk of about 20 minutes to reach the entrance.

 From a while to this part, no forest left you 

The native forests of Cordoba suffered devastation  in recent years . A century ago,  they occupied more than 70% of the territory.Today, however, they do not cover 10% and, of these, only a third corresponds to forests in conditions similar to the original ones .  This reality implies a crisis at the  regional level . An environmental and social crisis that translates into  floods, fires, overpopulation, pests and more.  Nature defends itself from its greatest predator: the human being. Degradation of regional forest spaces is one of the main factors  for climate change and ecosystem degradation.Thousands of animals begin to be endangered as their natural habitat is destroyed .  That is why reserves become  indispensable lungs. 

In the territory of  Los Quebrachitos  , white quebrachos, molles, coconuts, acacias and blackberries are present. Trees that take centuries to grow and a few minutes to be cut down. Species of native flora that are invaluable for the well-being of the population and for the  environment in general.In addition, in  this immense property that gives  us incredible landscapes, you will find native fauna .  Animals of the  mountain of Cordoba , which continue to resist like cougars, foxes and rodents.

Visiting this type of reservations, not only fills us with satisfaction and gives us a new experience. It becomes an  indispensable walk  for raising awareness about our  environmental problems  . In addition, what is a relaxing walk becomes a didactic visit for the whole family. Where, as a group, you learn  tips to take care of the environment. Ecotourism is becoming increasingly necessary .  Responsible visits and  respect for biodiversity are the  key to  caring for our planet. 

 Badge Postcard 

Los Quebrachitos awaits us to grow as Argentines and train us in environmental matters. In an environment of  green mountain and fresh watercourses  we learn and connect with Mother Earth. The streams Cabana and the Insenadas are present to show us the magnificent of the water. The waterfall of Los Chorrillos  awaits us with its deep  pot, to  immerse ourselves in a new adventure.The whistle of the birds, the flow of the streams and the creaking of the branches of native trees reveal their secrets .  The combination of colors dyed with the heat of the sky, prepare us the  perfect setting  for endless photo shoots. Admirable beauties that are only preserved in well-kept places like this. One more perlite from the beautiful department of Colón, Córdoba. 

Publication Date: 22/08/2020

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