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A delicious tour: the Camino del Vino

We tell you all about a delicious path that invites us to know new sensations. The wine road in Colonia Caroya is the posta!


Thinking about good wine, is thinking about the  province of Mendoza.  But as good Argentines, we must know that there are other provinces that offer their best vineyards. San Juan,  La Rioja  and Cordoba! are some of the options. You didn't expect it, did you? Córdoba has a wine path that invites you to know new experiences from your taste buds. The most famous and popular vineyard area is  Colonia Caroya.  That is why, here we set up a small route with a wide variety of wineries and artisanal producers to visit.

The Cordovan stereotype consists only of  peperina, alfajores and fernet.  But no. A new attraction is added to the cultural and productive diversity of Cordoba. The wine. With its wineries, varietals and vineyards.   Wine tourism  came to the Sierras to stay, and  set a trend. 

The story

Historians tell that it was in the province of Córdoba that Spanish colonizers produced the  first American wine . And that this was served in the Spanish Court back in the seventeenth century. So it was discovered the richness and the special thing about good wine. And a  wine-growing tradition was consolidated. After that event, other times of high production came from the hand of Italian immigrants, especially from the Friulan region. And by the  nineteenth and late twentieth century , the Colonia Caroya region was consolidated as mainly winegrower. So many wineries settled in this area of Córdoba, to offer their delicious artisanal products.

Traditions were also installed that today are celebrated with a lot of emotion. The  National Grape Sagra , the  Provincial  Harvest   Festival and the National Fruit Horticulture Festival are some examples. With white and red wines from different productions,  Colonia Caroya invites you  to travel its Wine Way. On this route you can taste excellent quality wines, accompanied by artisanal delights such as cheeses and salames. Here we leave you a couple of wineries and producers that provide the best of their productions to their visitors. Even some have museums!

Wineries and producers

 La Caroyense (Winery) 

Av. Saint Martin 2281,

Cologne Caroya.

Tel. (03525) 466270/370.

 Nanini (Winery) 

Santos Nóbile (N) esq. 40th Street,

Cologne Caroya.

Tel. (03525) 466202/03.

 Riviesse (Winery) 

Maximiliano D'Olivo esq. 96th Street,

Cologne Caroya.

Tel. (03525) 463501 and 466142.

  Jairala   Oller (Winery) 

Public Street/N (Road to Fader Museum),


Tel. (03521) 423282.

 Aurelio (Artisan Producer) 

Lot 37 “C”, Calle 68 and 40 — Colonia Caroya

03525- 15405258/ 469024

 Vittorio Papalini (Artisan Producer) 

Calle 144 S/N between 18th and 22nd streets

Cologne Caroya

0351 152 763 647

 El Bosque (Artisan Producer) 

Street 60 North No. 250

Cologne Caroya


 Riulat (Artisan Producer) 

Street 60 and 136

Cologne Caroya


Publication Date: 17/06/2020

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By: Mariano 27 June, 2020

Hola! Muy bueno recordar a la Córdoba vitivinífcola. Algunas críticas constructivas al artículo: hay otras zonas dentro de los camjnks del vino, muy concurridas y super interesantes también. Por otro lado, bodega Nanini ya no existe más, y en su lugar se sstableció bodega Terra Camiare, una joya en el circuito vitivinícola de Córdoba. Si necesitan mas info sobre enoturismo en Córdoba, pueden consultar en Saludos!

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