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A delicious journey of regional flavours

A key stop before visiting the Mar Chiquita lagoon. The destination that surprises you with alternative tourism and regional flavours.

Picada y comida regionales en Marull

 Marull  is a town located 170 kilometers north of the capital of Cordoba.  It is the  mandatory stop if your final destination is to visit  the Mar Chiquita lagoon . This wonderful place has unique attractions that invite you to spend the best days and, in addition, all the regional flavours.

The regional flavours that Marull offers are  unique delicacies.  The gastronomic enterprises developed in this area are specially designed for visitors. From homemade chacinados to bakery products. Also pickles, cheeses and  for vine lovers  : an extensive  list of artisan wines  to  them . To give you an idea, in this town the National Contest of Women Rotisserias is held, the first weekend of September. To show that  the roast has no gender  and that our delicacies are for everyone. Imagine if the essence of this place is not to  delight the palate.  

The parador  “Meats of Magliano, Dining Room of Field”  is the key corner that condenses all the magic of Marull. Tastings of all kinds can be done here. This is a family restaurant that is  served by its own owners . Homemade sausages are the main attraction, and of course its wide menu with  regional flavours.  Homemade pasta and grills are the strawberry for dessert. But they also have a  wide variety of entrances , main dishes and specialties.

 Tsunami of taste 

 “ Tsunami”  is another key post to savor Marull.  It is a revolution of flavours, a  tsunami of delights.  The chef of this place is Gabriel Trossero, who was awarded at the  2019 Otter Festival . His dishes are amazing. Pork pickles, empanadas and the famous “carob bread” are the protagonists of the menu. With its beer yard, it invites us to enjoy  unique sensations on our palate.  In addition, in this place they offer fish of all kinds. Seafood, gourmet minced and delicious casseroles. Between rabbit or otter casseroles and mussel or prawns sandwiches, this place attracts all visitors. It is the perfect bait for  lovers of good food to fall.

If you visit Marull, make sure you're ready to eat a lot. Because you won't be able to stop! Marull is one of those places that leave you with your  belly full and your heart happy  with its regional flavours.

 Useful data 

How to get there: From Córdoba Capital to Marull, by bus, one option is with the company Fonobus. By car, it is possible to take the RN19, then follow the RP10 and turn at the Gate, on the right, to make 47 kilometers on the RP17.

Where to stay: Leaving the urban ejido, on the RP 17, Marull offers two campsites for those who want to rest and breathe fresh air. They have rotisserias, bathrooms and even a restaurant overlooking the river. Meanwhile, in La para, just 20 kilometres away, there are inns and cottages. And, for those who want greater comfort, Miramar offers a hotel-casino, among other options.

Publication Date: 19/09/2020

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