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A Cabildo with tonada

Have you ever heard of a building that's toned? We tell you everything about the Cabildo that has a voice of its own. Get to know him!


This is the  Cordovan Cabildo.  A historic building located in the heart of  the Cordovan capital . He is one of the last of its  kind standing  to remain as vestiges of  our past.  The first structure designated for this purpose was started in 1588, and was a modest  adobe  and thatched roof structure typical of the era  colonial  in spanish America. The current building is due to the desire of Rafael Núñez, whom we all know by his nobility, Marques de Sobremonte.

Over time it  underwent modifications and interventions  that became what is the  Cabildo  as we know it today. It has an extensive front corridor with fifteen arcades. The structure is organized around two courtyards surrounded by resolved galleries with semicircular arches on the ground floor and Ionian columns on the first floor.

This work had various and  varied roles  in the operation of the city, but it was always the  center of civic activity of the provincial capital.  In addition to having served as Cabildo during the period of Spanish domination, he was also a   prison , police headquarters, auditorium, information center  tourist and museum.   His function was always adapted to the need of the time. And therefore, if you lean your ear on its walls, they will tell you what they heard and lived in all their centuries of life.

It currently works  as a  Cabildo Cultural Center .  It is located in front of the renowned  Plaza San Martín  , also called Plaza Mayor de la Ciudad. On this tour you can visit  various artistic and visual works  related to the  history of Cordoba.   Heterogeneous cultural  activities  are carried out on the premises.  In addition, his special mystique, obtained throughout his years, makes the Cabildo a  peculiar place to hold meetings.  

 The place of the meeting 

The  Historic Cabildo de Córdoba  has ten showrooms. It also has a concert hall with capacity for 80 people. In this building there are different municipal offices.  The Municipal Editorial , a headquarters of the Ministry of Culture, a Children's Reading Room and the Cultural Heritage Office are some of them. Being at a  strategic point of the city , the Cabildo is the witness of many popular demonstrations of all kinds. The Cordobeses use this place as  a meeting point.  See you there?

 Data of interest 

In one of the courtyards there is a restaurant, the other is free and allows you to admire the loggias and internal balconies.

During the  last military dictatorship,  the building was linked to the infamous Clandestine Detention Centre D-2.

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Publication Date: 06/06/2020

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