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9 places to know Cordoba from north to south

A selection of Cordobese paradises to get to know the whole territory and its magical places from north to south. Where are you going to start?

Cordoba is known for  its magic  and its connection with nature. We make a selection so you can get to know Cordoba from  north to south  and don't leave out any paradise.

 1. The Traslasierra Valley 

Between hills and spas, the circuit linking Villa Cura Brochero,  Mina Clavero  and Nono represents a  very attractive tourist unit . The sanctification of the priest José Gabriel Brochero, a character from this area, adds a plus of  religious impact . The route to the south of the valley is striking: San Javier, La Paz, Los Hornillos, Las Rabonas, the La Viña dam and other places, amaze among the green that predominates. Next to the Sierras Grandes at your feet.

 2. Taninga Tunnels and Pocho Volcanoes 

A meandering and ancient road strewn with tunnels and hanging bridges. To the north of the Traslasierra region, let you see from the  Cordovan heights  the plains of Rioja. Nearby,  the volcanoes of Pocho , among Yatay palm forests, cut out a little frequented but  visually striking landscape.

 3.Punilla norte 

A distinguished circuit, from La Falda and Villa Giardino, to Los Cocos and La Cumbre, among several other towns. Parajes with different traditions and characteristics, which deserve to be delved into. Do not miss  the Camino del Pungo , a dirt route between Villa Giardino and La Cumbre marked by locals of the best crafts. But Punilla  is magical from north to south ...

.Punilla Sur 

Villa Carlos Paz is the city with the most capacity to host visitors in Cordoba. Of a strong commercial presence and shows, it is not outside any map. But it is worth adding a tour of the quieter villages and resorts on the San Antonio River, such as Cuesta Blanca, Mayu Sumaj and others.