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5 free walks in Carlos Paz

The Cordovan city of tourism fills you with options to save your holidays and enjoy with your family in every possible way.

que hacer en villa carlos paz cordoba

 In the midst of a reinvention of the modes of tourism , Carlos Paz does so too.   Adjust your classic and free options so you can enjoy different attractions and budget activities with your family . Because the province of Córdoba is prepared not only with its  stunning natural wonders , but also with theatrical plays and free entertainment such as guided ascents to  Cerro La Cruz   and guided tours  to  Estancia La Quinta Park, among hundreds of other options.

 Ascents to Cerro La Cruz 

what to do in villa carlos paz cordoba

A proposal available in this summer village, where the City's Secretary of Tourism, Sports and Culture is responsible for implementing innovative guides for this summer 2021. This is a free walk,  departing from the base of the Aerosilla Complex,  on a two-and-a-half hour tour. The opening hours of the property are from 8:00 to 20:00,  throughout the summer.  

 Night guided tours 

 A different and original proposal,  night climbs to Cerro La Cruz with specialized guides. This evening proposal takes place on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays,  from 19:00.   The free offer is geared  so that everyone knows   the attractions that the city has.  As the day guides, it also starts from the base of the hill at the Aerosilla Complex on an ascent with a night return from 21:00.  During the ascent  the guides in charge comment on the geology, flora and fauna of the place as well as  the history of Lake San Roque and the city enjoying the sunset  in contact with nature.  

As visitors walk,  the night invades the Monument  to La Cruz for a  new experience: the night descent that shows us a bright city, in a & aacute; relaxed area allowing contemplation and enjoyment throughout the tour. To live this moment, it is necessary to register at the same base of the hill, as  the quotas are limited to 10 people.  

what to do in villa carlos paz cordoba

 Visits to Estancia La Quinta Park 

 Another tourist attraction that adds to the offer that Villa Carlos Paz is the free guided tours of the Estancia La Quinta Park, a property located in the neighborhood of the same name.  A complex close to the famous spa El Fantasio. This year the City Government  revalued the cultural heritage and legacy of the Jesuits.  Thus, visitors can visit  daily  the work done by this congregation  with specialized and specially trained guides for this tour. This tour comprises  an hour long, in the morning and in the afternoon with a historical axis and a religious axis.   Visits include the following locations:

  • Ancient constructions: multipurpose room, old blacksmith and kitchen
  • Archaeological site: gliptodon, mortars and aboriginal communal conanas
  • Ancient mineral quarry
  • Balcony on the San Antonio River
  • Trails with native flora and fauna
  • Museum Archaeological Numba Charava with a sample of  more than 1000 pieces.  

Visitors receive information about  the History of the Estancia “La Quinta del Niño Dios”, the arrival of the Jesuits in the neighborhood, history of this, among other topics.  

 Our Lady of Carmen Church 

On the initiative of the founders of Carlos Paz,  this Church was built in 1914.  It is located behind the current temple.  The new parish  was built in 1948 under the project of the architect Miguel Arambide-based.   It was finally inaugurated on January 6,  1956, the same day as the inauguration of the Camino a las Altas Cumbres.    The images of San Roque, San José and Nuestra Señora del Carmen were moved from    the old chapel.   Our Lady of Carmen is the patron saint of the city, and that is why  the mystique of this chapel is unique.  

 Paseo de la costanera 

what to do in villa carlos paz cordoba

Ideal for taking children to ride a bike, walk  or just sit down to drink mattes . The promenade de la costanera is 2.5 kilometers of paved pedestrian trail with large green spaces on the banks of the San Roque river. The sunsets in this space give us a  balanced, harmonious and perfect combination of urban architecture and natural wonders.  It is reached by Av. Illia from the center, in a few minutes.

 Craftsmen's Walk, Uruguay Bridge and Cuckoo Clock 

They are the unfailing walks that invite all tourists to delight in handicrafts and magnificent works specially designed for tourism. The  inaltable Cuckoo clock,   built in the middle of the last century  ,  is the largest in the country  , and is the icon of the city of Carlos Paz and can be observed every hour to the classic Cuckoo  go out and announce the passage of time.   When the minute hands mark on point or half an hour, we are surprised by a tender and fun bird. This monument is reached by crossing the Cassafoust Bridge 4 blocks from the center.

Publication Date: 01/02/2021

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