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4 key places in the Sierras del Sur

We put together a top 4 of the Sierras del Sur, so that when you come to know you don't miss anything. Come south Cordovan!

4 lugares clave de las Sierras del Sur

 “ To make love good we have to come south,”  Rafaela Carra sang to us in his times of glory. We listen to him, and  we're coming to the south of Cordoba.  In this area the main city is Rio Cuarto  , famous for its infrastructure,  as it is  one of the most important cities in the interior of Cordovan.  region hosts  natural and historical paradises  that you need to know.


This town is the famous town in the region, called  “la linda del sur cordobés” . It is located on  the border with San Luis,  272 km from the Cordovan capital. Its  streams, history and biodiversity  make this space worth visiting. It has four centuries of activity, that's why Achiras is a living land. This Posta was  one of the stops on the Camino Real,  a key place in the conquest of the desert. Today, it is the place  where vestiges of Comechingona culture are preserved   ,  which connects us with our origin. The two streams of natural beauty that inhabit it are:  Los Coquitos and Achiras,  perfect to spend the hot afternoons. Among other natural and ancestral beauties.

 Alpa Corral 

 Its name comes from Quechua and means “Corral de Piedra”.  Its unique beauty is the masterpiece of mother earth. Alpa Corral is a paradise between mountains, which boasts fascinating rivers and spas. The Las Barrancas river, which originates in the Unión de los Ríos area. Where the rivers El Talita and Las Moras converge, and the Piedra Blanca river is complemented.  It is the ideal place  for fishing and cultural tourism.  The Hambaré chapel, the Nuestra Señora del Tránsito church, the Lourdes grotto, the hanging bridge and the Alpa Corral Museum are some of the  highlights  . In addition, it has  nine fishing destinations , where the protagonist is trout.

 The Bashacas 

It is located  just 290 km from the Cordovan capital  and 79 kilometers from the city of Río Cuarto. It's the center of attention for the whole family. It offers options for adventure tourism, but also for  religious tourism.  In addition, its pots, rivers and spas invite us to relax in this  mountain landscape. The Chapel Our Lady of Carmen and the Grottoes of the Virgin of Fatima, the Virgen del Carmen and the Virgin of the Rosary of San Nicolás are some of the places to connect with  the mysticism of the place.  To  connect with water, the spas El Pocito, El Chorro and Los Morteritos, along with the Grande and South spas... In this region you can go trekking, horseback riding, mountain excursions bike and  many more options  for those who love adrenaline.

 Villa El Chacay 

It is the place to relax: it is a  unique place  that preserves its  natural state perfectly  . The key corner that  concentrates all the beauty of the Sierras del Sur.  This area has  little explored spaces  full of biodiversity, so it connects us with nature in high state.For rest, but also for outdoor activities. This destination is the favorite of many athletes, whose tranquility and clean air, inspires them to train.

 Visiting these four locations,  you  can give a   general overview of southern Cordovan.   natural places with geological formations of yesteryear and marks of pre-Columbian life.  Achiras, Alpa Corral, Las Albahacas and Villa El Chacay await you in the south of Cordoba to relax and enjoy a holiday in Cordoba.

Publication Date: 23/10/2020

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