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3 crystalline rivers and Cordobeses

Mirrors of crystal clear water, streams, waterfalls and rivers that reflect the sky on its surface. And that, so crystalline, allow us to see the bottom.

rios de cordoba

 In these rivers it is possible to touch bottom, but in a very beautiful way and only with the look.   This is the most crystalline rivers and mirrors of water in the province, which give us the  most striking postcards of nature.   In both summer and winter, these geographical points become the destinations chosen by thousands of families. Not only for its beauty, but also for its  tranquility.   These watercourses are considered the cleanest and freshest in the province.  Their condition may vary  according to rains and floods, but they always offer us  incredible panoramas.  

Quilpo River

rivers of cordoba

It is just 4 kilometers from San Marcos Sierras, in a space  surrounded by sandy and pebble beaches.    It is characterized by crystal clear and fresh waters  as well as having shallow parts such as ollitas.  It is so clean that many times you can see fish at the bottom of the water.   One of its most visited places  is the  Natural Reserve Tres Piletas to enjoy with your family and swim in its waterfall.

 Quilpo is one of the most precious treasures of San Marcos,  because it overflows purity and connection with nature. It is a water course that is completely clean because there is no population on its shores. It invites you to enjoy its crystallinity, admiring its bed and the fish that circulate in this environment. In addition, its waters invite us to take  refreshing baths in their spas or simply admire  how the rugged relief of the region is going around. All this, in an environment surrounded by  the green color of vegetation and always blue sky.  It is an ideal place to relax and get in touch with the exciting nature  through horseback riding , trail walks or sport fishing.

Quillinzo River

 Its shores have sandbanks and lush trees that invite you to enjoy the shade.   Many neighbors argue that their transparent and calm waters have  healing properties.    Throughout its course  you can find several waterfalls and ollitas, which are born in the Sierras de los Comenchingones.  Villa Quillinzo is known for its natural beauty,  beaches with white sand, wooded coasts with lush pine trees and the meek waters of its river. In addition, the place has a large production of medicinal herbs. The town emerged as a camp for employees of the energy works that were taking place in the area.  It is located next to Lake Embalse, in the department of Calamuchita,  110 kilometers from the city of Córdoba.  It is home to a varied vegetation , in which the white molle, the piquillín de las sierras, the shins, the peach of the mountains, the aromitos and the quebrachos stand out. The area also hosts species such as goldfinch, chingolo, swallow, mountain partridges, wild cat and puma, among others.  All species worthy of being observed on a relaxing day at the edge of the watercourse.  

River of the Willows

rivers of cordoba

 History and nature is what combines Rio de los Sauces,   perfect for those looking to disconnect  from the city rhythm at the foot of the Sierras de Comechingones. Rio de los Sauces is  one of the oldest towns  in the Calamuchita Valley. With the river of the same name as its main attraction, this corner of Cordoba has a temperate climate ideal to enjoy all year round. Full of history and tradition, this village was known as “Li-Sien” by  the first settlers of the area , meaning  “among trees”,  a characteristic which still retains.   Around the crystal clear waters of its river you can find  mortars and arrowheads , vestiges of Comechingona culture.

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Publication Date: 19/03/2021

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